compare and contrast meiosis and mitosis
Compare and contrast prokaryotes and eukaryotes
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Complete worksheet (crossword puzzle)
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There was no homework last night.
Tonight please write a paragraph on why cells need to maintain homeostasis or how a cell may become cancerous (breast cancer in particular).

Also please find your project paper her as well as in the Miscellaneous section.
Due Tuesday 30 August 2011.
    Find one instance where a small change or introduction to an environment caused detriment to the enviroment.  Write a minimun of 1 paragraph answering the following questions.
    What was it?
    Where did it come from?
    Where did it go to?
    What did the change do to the environment?
    What was done to combat the negative effects?
    How is the environment doing today?
Read Section 1.3 pp 10-13
Read section 1.2 and complete section 1.2 #1 and Though Provoker
Read pp 1-3 in text
Read 20 C and complete 20 A review