Due Tuesday 30 August 2011.
    Find one instance where a small change or introduction to an environment caused detriment to the enviroment.  Write a minimun of 1 paragraph answering the following questions.
    What was it?
    Where did it come from?
    Where did it go to?
    What did the change do to the environment?
    What was done to combat the negative effects?
    How is the environment doing today?
Seth Rousey
8/31/2011 10:38:48 am

Mrs. James

Question about the environmental assignment.

Are we to apply the questions to a plant or animal?

Calista Ogburn
9/3/2011 08:46:57 pm

Hi Ms.James! I am in Vietnam now and i wanted to say hi to everyone! God Bless you guys and be safe!

10/6/2011 09:46:31 am

Yay for you! And I'm guess your e-mail's disabled right?


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