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Read the article in the link and respond.  Do you drink energy drinks? If so have you experienced the side effects?  After reading this article did you change your opinion of energy drinks?  Why or Why not?

02/25/2012 7:07pm

This hasn't changed my look on energy drinks because i always saw them as a harmful substance.Like y in the world would a young person thats already suppose to have alot of energy want to buy an energy drink. If i go to work out or play for long periods of time i just take a water or gatorade. Im really glad that it dosn't include gatorade and i hope it doesnt include powerade because i do drink those. I don't drink energy drinls thank goodness i dont i dont need any extra energy and i hope im not the only kid who feels this way , but i admitt its funny when u see someone really hyped up or energetic it makes em look high lol. and now i know to never drink them thx Ms.James 4 warning us.

03/04/2012 7:08pm

well all kids think is the taste and if there parents give it to them romon

02/25/2012 8:01pm

This hasn't changed the way I view energy drinks because I don't drink them. I don't really care for energy drinks because I don't really need extra energy. If I'm tired, I just go to sleep at a somewhat early bed time. I don't want my body or organs to do any other extra work that it doesn't need to. This is a big medical risk for kids around the world. I hope some of these kids don't have heart problems. I also hope some of these kids are more careful of what they drink. Establish good habits as a kid, so you can have good habits as an adult.

Aaron Gregory
02/25/2012 8:33pm

I think energy drinks are harmful. I dont drink energy drinks so i have never experienced any of the side effects. I kind of always thought that they were bad for you but i never thought this bad for you has the article said.

jalen howard
02/25/2012 9:33pm

I think energy drinks are kinda dumb i cant drink them any ways because of my body . But that energy drinks are harmful are correct because of my friend in germany had a spasm and past out for a second. had me thinking is this drink really good for us.well its not so i think we shouldnt have energy drinks.

Edward Ross
02/26/2012 10:54am

I think that it really didn't affect me much, since I don't drink energy drinks. If I did drink them, I would probably look at the back of the can and see if the can went over 100 mg. of caffeine. If i couldn't find one that didn't go over 100mg., I would just stop altogether. I really don't think people under 18 really need to drink them period, even if they're tired. They should just wake themselves up somehow instead of poisoning themselves with an overdosage of caffeine. After reading this article(and watching the video), I realized why adults always say not to drink too much soda or an energy drink, and it's because you can get sick or die. For the kids who drink more than one energy drink a day, I really hope somebody's praying for them.

Danyel Royster
02/26/2012 3:52pm

I knew that they were harmful all the time. No i do not drink energy drinks never have never want to. When you drink those things they damage your soul. Its ok to juss drink a gatorade or some water because those things keep you hydrated. you have less energy drinking those drinks. People who make those just want you to give them your money. Those drinks do not help you do not buy them. PLEASE DONT!!!!!!

Ryan Newsome
02/26/2012 9:53pm

This article is very interesting. After all these years I thought that energy drinks would help your endurance. But I guess they might have side affects. I have not tried any extreme energy drinks such as monster but I have once tried Red Bull. It did not seem to have the best taste as well as it did not affect my endurance for that day. It only gave me some energy. But now I think I'll change my mind about drinking energy drinks in the future, unless something changes. I say this because according to this article, some energy drinks do mostly negative things rather than posotive. If energy drinks barely help you and do much damage to the body's energy, then why drink it? unless you're not about to play sports or go to a sports practice.

Ryan Newsome
02/26/2012 9:54pm

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02/29/2012 5:54pm

lol ryan! Why do we need to know that?

Ryan Newsome
03/22/2012 7:03pm


02/28/2012 10:45pm

well i never drink energy drinks because... well i just dont drink them. however i knew energy drinks drinks were bad because they put a ton of suger in those drinks and to much caffine. but im better of with soda. however sometimes you need energy{suger} to do hard work and stuff.

02/29/2012 5:53pm

I have never drank an energy drink before and i never want to even before i saw this article. I dont think this changes the way i thought of the energy drinks because they probably dont even give you energy, you just probably think you do and then you act all crazy. I also think that energy drinks seem like they taste "really good" but it could really affect your body and the way you act. Why would kids want to drink energy drinks when kids have the most energy? Sometimes i think the only reason why some kids drink energy drinks is because their friends probably drink them and to make them look "cool".

Kiana Vega
02/29/2012 8:10pm

This has definently change my out look on energy drinks. I always thought it was suppose to help bcuz i drink 5-hour energy, i didnt know it didnt help or it had those side affects, i thought being hyper was my energy.

Terrell Dawkins
02/29/2012 8:18pm

I really don't drink energy drinks that often, but after reading the side effects of these energy drinks I don't think that I'll ever try them, I think I'll just stick to water to keep healthy. This article really hasn't changed my opinion of energy drinks that much because it seems that I'm more in danger of that than drinking water.

02/29/2012 8:18pm

I dont drink energy drinks. I have never wanted to because I knew they were bad for you because my mother told me. This article makes me never want to drink them even if I wanted to. I hope nobody I know dies or has issues with their body from drinking theses drinks. Please stop if you do.

Marcus Corrothers
03/01/2012 7:14pm

I do not drink energy drinks. i personally believe that energy drinks are just cans or bottles of sugar and caffeine. I always suspected they were bad for you, but now I have proof. There are vitamin energy drinks that I do support. They use vitamins to boost energy instead of using sugar and caffeine. This article really didn't change my opinion; it just supported it.

03/02/2012 7:01pm

I don't really drink energy drinks. They are basically just soda loaded with caffeine and sugar to give you a rush. I might have had monster like once. I didn't experience any of the side effects listed in this article. This article didn't really change my opinion of energy drinks because i don't drink them anyway, but it will probably make me think about it the next time i get one if i ever get one again.

03/02/2012 9:49pm

This article did change my opinion on energy drinks. Before, I was neutral in this decision. But now, that it has been proven to be harmful, I am totally against children, or anyone for that matter, drinking these drinks filled with unessential chemicals. It's like death and/or seizures in a bottle. If anyone, after reading this article, still wants to risk medical problems for a can of this stuff, go ahead, although I strongly advise against it. They should make this information very public and put it on the news. Just not Fox 5, because they lie to you. Thanks for your time.

03/03/2012 6:34pm

I have tried taking a few sips of the Monster Energy Drink before and I liked the taste. I felt like I had instant energy, I talked more than usual but I didn't feel jittery. Now that I have read the article, I will not drink energy drinks again. Caffeine can be very harmful to your body and if you just eat healthy, drink water and get enough sleep, our bodies should have enough energy naturally. I usually drink Gatorade, water or juice when I play sports to quench my thirst and to rehydrate my body. I have an uncle that sometimes drinks energy drinks but now that I have read the article and know the bad effects they can have on your body, I will tell him to stop drinking them as well.

03/03/2012 9:45pm

I have never really had an interest in energy drinks. I always thought they tasted disgusting. I am now thoroughly sure to stay away from them. The feelings of depression reported were enough to make me stop. The health risks also made me think and stare in awe as I had no idea of the possible problems. I am now determined to be more careful about what I decide to ingest.

03/03/2012 10:24pm

I have never drank energy drinks because i knew they were not good for you at all and were harmful to your body. After reading this my opinion has not changed at all. I will not be dinking energy drinks at all, because this article only makes me even more not drink them.

sheryce gabriel
03/04/2012 1:59pm

I have had some monster energy drink before i didn't feel jittery or anything i just felt like i was on top of the world.I just know now not to drink them as much.But they taste so good. I feel sorry for those people who are addicted to them because they are risking their own lives espically if they are in the age group of 21 and younger because they can even make you have an heart attack you might even die.

03/04/2012 5:05pm

I have drank energy drinks before that you mix in with water like Emergency. it didnt do anything for me so i have nothing against energy drinks but if you aree one of those people that get reall hipper i wouldnt recomend that you drink it because you have enough energy but i dont see the problem wit drinking it except for the health issues but if you feel tired and you need to get work done i think it would be ok to drink one.

Adia Smith
03/04/2012 5:43pm

Well first of all I don’t drink energy drinks and I don’t need them. Even if I need energy, I’ll first catch my breath and drink water or juice and then I get back to what I was doing. After reading this article, my opinion is no and that energy drinks aren’t good for kids no matter how good they taste. I will never change my opinion because those energy drinks can cause major health problem to kids (you and me).They might taste good and give you energy but would you want to feel dizzy (one of the side effects) in the activity you do and if you are dizzy it can throw you off your game and make you sick. Also the target energy drinks to young people mostly under the age of 25. One of the people say that his line of beverages is dietary and that on the package contain a warning which say it isn’t for sale to people younger than 18 years old. I really don’t think energy should be able to younger people and even though they say it isn’t supposed to be, they should try harder to stop it. I hope you enjoy what I did.

Nadira Cousins
03/04/2012 6:12pm

After reading the article, it raises a few eyebrows from me. Actually I do not drink energy drinks. My energy drink is water. This article doesn't make me think differently about energy drinks. Though it doesn't make me want to drink these drinks, it makes me want to be more careful about what I drink. The article does spark a question from me. " If energy drinks have dangerous side effects, then what else is out there that is deceitfully dangerous?". This article does not make me change my opinion on energy drinks because I do not drink energy drinks. I don't necessarily think there unhealthy but there are other options that are better than energy drinks like "Monster." Therefore, I am very surprised that energy drinks have dangerous side effect because they are supposed to provide you with the energy you need. I will keep on drinking water for my energy.

Cameron Hawkins
03/04/2012 7:01pm

Wow!!! This is really interesting. This talks about how drinking energy drinks can cause kids to have stuff like seizures or even death. It was talking about how swimming athletes at the University of Miami. To help them ,but really those energy drinks didn't. They would throw up. Personally speaking I've never drank an energy drink, and after reading this article I never want to drink an energy drink Yikes I feel bad for those kids that drank an energy drink!!!

03/04/2012 7:18pm

i do drink energy drinks sometimes i drink monster and full throttel but i dont drink it like everyday i still drink even though i know i cant have it because my body will react hyper to it because of my ADHD. i have learned from the article and the video that its not healthy for you. people use those drinks to help them stay up because they dont like coffe or somthing like that i thonk sobe water is a power drink im not sure but i drink that to. yes the article did change my thoughts on power drinks beacuse i found out its not healthy it has way too much caffine in it has more then soda it keeps u hyper and alert which is good for you u might like it but it's not healthy

TyNesha Cannon
03/04/2012 9:17pm

I learned that energy drinks are very unhealthy, especially for young children. Yes, lots of children are drinking energy drinks. Maybe thats why we are so energetic :) But anyways, energy drinks are just a crash and burn. They give you energy but soon after you "crash and burn." Energy drinks are definately not healthy because they are just whole bunch of sugar unlike V8 which has 1 serving of fruits and 1 serving of vegetables in one drink. Suprisingly, people can even die from energydrink which i would have NEVER thought. I personally have NEVER drank an energy drink in my life, and this article doesn't change my opinion on energy drinks since i havent drank any. So this is my blog!!! :)

03/04/2012 9:23pm

Thankfully I do not drink energy drinks, because I have know reason to, but I do have a strong addiction to gatorade. It's like a blue cloud in a bottle. Since I don't drink any of the energy drinks, I have not experienced any side effects. Nothing has changed my opinion of energy drinks, because I don't drink them.

03/04/2012 11:28pm

No, I have not drunk any energy drinks. This proves that I have not experienced any side effects of energy drinks. My opinion on energy drinks, before reading this article, was that certain kids can drink energy drinks and experience a great burst of energy. I also believed that eventually that person who drank the energy drink would crash and be exhausted. I believed energy drinks didn't last long or forever. After reading this article I believe that no teenagers should drink energy drinks of any kind. The article talked about kids drinking energy drinks before practice and some throwing up or feeling dizzy or not performing to the best of their abilities to the point where their coach banned them from drinking energy drinks before practice. I feel only adults should drink energy drinks because I think they would be more capable of dealing with side effects than teenagers or kids.

03/05/2012 4:30pm

Well I barely drink energy drinks. When I do drink them I stay awake for about an hour or two. After that hour or two I get really sleepy and I fall asleep. In the middle of the hours my heart hurts and I can feel it beating. Sometimes when I get them my dad makes me throw it away because he says its too much sugar.Yes this article changed my opinion on them because I never really believed my dad until now. I think if you drink these your just shortening your life time on earth.

03/05/2012 4:59pm

I don't drink energy drinks at all. But I have drank it one time which is why I won't drink it anymore. Because one experience I drank Red Bull and my throat hurt for a week at most. This article has changed my views on energy drinks. It's actually worsened my views on it. I didn't think it would actually cause a stroke or sudden death. But I did expect diabetes to be a result because of their large amounts of sugar. So because of this article I don't think I'll ever drink excess amounts of any drink containing caffeine.

Christian Sanders
03/05/2012 5:11pm

No, I do not drink energy drink though yes it changed my oppinion on it. When i read that a swim team drank some energy drink and they were throwing up during and were nautios it was confuseing why would they sell it. When i saw the video it was saying that cocoala that its 35mg while a jolt is about 400mg while people that are younger than 18 are only suppose to have 100mg per day its crazy that they let kids drink it.

03/05/2012 5:29pm

No, I don't drink energy drinks because they keep you up and give you a little energy and later, you crash. After reading this article, it has changed my opinion on energy drinks because the high caffeine isn't good for your body. A teenager doesn't think about the calories and caffeine we think about taste.

03/05/2012 5:32pm

To first start I have never consumed any of the harmful energy drinks such as Red Bull, Monster, Rock Star, or any other energy drinks. Since I have never had these drinks I have never experinced any side-effects. My friend who I personally witnessed drink these sports drinks has experianced side-effects. After playing basketball he felt tired about 30 minutes into the game. This was unusual because we played for almost 2 hours before drinking the harmful substance. After reading this helpful article I have changed my opinion about sports drinks. I used to believe they actually improved your athletic ablities. After seeing the effects and reading this article I have learned they are nothing but sugar, caffine, and an easy way to improve tiredness and ill side-effects.

03/05/2012 6:17pm

I'm like Zion, I never had an interest in energy drinks(except gatorade and powerade). But now that i have seen this i will stay away from them. If there is one thing I like about the energy drinks is the commercials(Red Bull). Parents should check the labels on the drinks. If some of those drinks weren't meant people under 18 then parents should see that and say no.

03/05/2012 6:24pm

Sorry i have one more thing to say. We teenagers don't naturally look at the contents. All we care about is it's taste. And if even if someone points it out to us we would probably still drink it. (whyteenagers???)

03/06/2012 5:23pm

its really kids

Cody Johnson
03/05/2012 6:25pm

To your first question yes I do drink Gatorade thats it. I only drink it because it tastes good and it does not give me side affects.I have drank Red Bull but when I drink it gave me an energy burst for about half an hour and that was it.After that half hour was up i fell asleep in no time at all.I have been shaky after drink Red Bull but i have never been dizzy.This article has changed my mine alot.I now know that not all energy drinks are good for me.I will continue to drink Gatorade because I do not have any side affects.That will be the only energy drink I will be drinking unless a doctors tests show other results.

Darrell Wright
03/05/2012 8:09pm

Myself I have drunk energy drinks in the past and I can see that these swimmers are right those effects give you little to none energy. The side effects really come in place if you do drink these drinks and after reading this article it has let me know a little more harm I and many other youth could and is in.

Lauren Key
03/15/2012 7:35pm

I do not think this is safe for kids to have red bull or monster oor nothing else.It is not good for you to much sugar is not good at all i would reccomend that you would not try to be so stupid and give your child this even with 5 hour energy it says no sugar then where woould you get your energy from so stop drinking

03/19/2012 5:59pm

i don't think that energy drinks are good for you. The reason why is because it has alot of sugar in it. Energy drinks are not good for you because it can mess upyour teeth. I don't drink energy drinks myself. It can also mess up your system. A lot of people should drink water more.

Cshon Byrams
04/02/2012 6:39pm

I think energy drinks are okay. They are delicious and some are cheap but some are also not good for you. They also can disrupt some peoples systems. And their is lots of sugar in the drinks which is not good.These drinks also wear you out quickly.and that a reason why i do not like energy drinks.

04/03/2012 8:43pm

i have never drank energy drinks and i dont want to. some side effects are drowsiness being super active and talking fast. especially because it doesnt even taste good. theyre not healthy for you either. the reason is because they are addictive and they have caffine in them.

Charity Williams
05/17/2012 8:28pm

I have had energy drinks before. The only side effect I have is that my stomach hurts a little and slows me down sometimes. After reading this I might consider cutting down on drinking power drinks because I care about my health and I wouldn't want me to end up in a hospital.


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