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02/10/2012 3:59pm

hey ms. james here is a good science article

02/10/2012 4:25pm

well this article is talking about how china made a new way to wash and get the odor. the right odor and materails can get the odor off of the clothes if u put it out in the sun. the clothes thing to me is kinda dumd but its pretty cool. im going to try that one day.

02/10/2012 4:26pm

also i think that the article was a nice a fun learning thing for me and bet everyone else

02/10/2012 4:42pm

whats the question

02/10/2012 5:08pm

you have to read the article and write a response on it.

02/10/2012 5:28pm

Even though some people don't have washing machines or dryers if they can't afford that what makes you think they can afford this technology. But it is kinda of a good idea in the end result. Great discovery or invention especially for the lazy.

Christian Nathaniel Sanders the first
02/10/2012 6:13pm

The technology in this article is amazing. It would be really cool to wear self-cleaning clothes. I just hope that they can find a way to make it safe.

02/11/2012 12:15pm

Wu and Long have done a great thing. Now instead of having to wait those long hours for the washer and dryer machine all it will take is the sunlight and those chemicals. I hope they will release this intellegent invention to the world to make cleaning clothes easier and requiring less energy.

02/11/2012 12:42pm

this article is talking about how that China made soft fabrics and that we wash our clothes from the things that China made. so the people Wu and Long did amazing things for the washer and dryer.

Gabby Marshall
02/11/2012 2:44pm

This article is basically about how Wu and Long did a great thing because they are making an invention so we save energy and use less electricity.

Tiara Lewis
02/11/2012 3:02pm

This article was about how people was talking about how they hate having to was clothes and they wish they would just wash themselves. So Wu and Long actually made clothes that could wash theirselves in the sun. But the chemicals might be too deadly.

Marcus Corrothers
02/11/2012 4:19pm

This article shows how it takes a vast amount of knowledge and preparation even behind something as simple sounding as cleaning your clothes with sunlight. Years of research and preparation are required to make even some of the most useful and tiny inventions. Our world is rapidly changing with each new discovery. It is a wonderful thing to stay on top of each new discovery.

Juwan Fleming
02/11/2012 4:55pm

This article talks about how people wish for a faster way to have clean clothes. That wish is a step closer to coming true. Cotton fabric coated with the right mixture of chemicals can dissolve stains and remove odors after only a few hours in the sun. However, once scientist has completed more experiments on the chemical used in the garment to ensure that the chemical does not cause health problem for people. We may be wearing clothes that would clean themselves if the right chemical in placed in the materials.

Adia Smith
02/11/2012 5:43pm

This article is about two Chinese scientists named Mingce Long and Deyong Wu and there developed cotton fabric that the sunlight to get rid of odors and stains. They have worked on it for years but isn’t ready to sell for the safety of us (the people of earth),they are working on it to make the recipe perfect, the recipe is liquid dip that is left cotton coated with the titanium dioxide mixture and it is added with silver iodide. To me I think that the article was entertaining and I like It, I can’t wait until it is ready to come out to the stores. When it comes out I will be the first one to by it and if I mess it up I know that it will be easy to clean, with the sunlight.

Aaron Gregory
02/11/2012 6:02pm

Wu and Long must be pretty smart in order to do that. It is a really good idea. I know that my mom hates doing laundry so she would like it.

Nadira Cousins
02/11/2012 7:39pm

The idea of "self - cleaning" clothes is very cool. It eliminates the time all our dirty clothes stay in the washer and the dryer. Besides that, it is energy efficient. We don't need to waste water from the washer and plus we're outside getting fresh air while our clothes clean themselves.

This article shows me that things are possible when a little science is involved! I also like how Deyong Wu and Mingce Long try to test and see how to make it safe insead of selling their product immeadiately. Since titanium dioxide can cause health problems if in the lungs, it might not be safe to breathe in that material. Anyways, this is a very interesting article and it makes we want to go and learn things beyond what we are taught in class.

Kaela Marisa Dorsey
02/11/2012 8:21pm

ok so this article is telling us that theres more than one way"apparently" to clean your clothes. this also eliminates the time lost and energy it takes to do laundry. i like how these two scientist is finding new and exciting ways to clean clothes using sunlight. im also impressed that they are trying to make it safe for us instead of trying to just make fast money.

Danyel Royster
02/11/2012 9:38pm

This article talks about how people clothes can be cleaned faster. They need to make sure that it doesnt affect peoples health. This also helps with the save of energy from using your washer machine.Long and Wu came up with a good idea thats smart.

02/12/2012 10:05am

well this artical of course is talking about making clothes that clean themselfs. To get stans and smells out of clothes. i really thank that this could be the best thing ever if it can reallly get any stan out expecialy ink stans it will chang the world greatly you will save a lot of money because you wont have to go out and buy a washing machine and you really wouldnt have to chang your clothes if you were a uniform unless you want to. i guess i'm done :P

02/12/2012 11:10am

I think this idea is stupid because i dont think it will have the same effects as a washer machine. When it comes out its going to be a high price and if you have a machine there would be no point of even buying this. Would if its raining the day i want to wash there would be no sun so thats stupid. But at the same time i think its smart becasue you dont have to use alot of things. It shows how our technology is advancing.

02/12/2012 12:43pm

i agree but justin u got to admit it is pretty cool
its a green thumb way to wash clothes

evan con
02/12/2012 1:17pm

true it is kinda of advanced

Edward Ross
02/12/2012 11:20am

I think that it's a great idea! It would save people time, money,effort, and energy! It would also help the earth and the environment by not having to use extra power, water, and electricity. This would mean that in the summer or spring, you could clean your clothes while your outside and your clothes are still on you! The only downside would be if an infant put it in its mouth and inhaled the chemicals, if it had some kind of lung disorder already. Still, in a world with no smelly dirty clothes pile, I'm sure a lot of people would be thankful.

Zion George
02/12/2012 1:01pm

This article was very interesting. The possibility of self cleaning clothes is miraculous. It would decrease the amount of water people use. It may even stop the use of detergent and it's expenses. This would also get rid of an entire work field. This new invention will have it's pros and cons,but I believe that it will do more good than harm.

02/12/2012 1:13pm

zion i have a question, when is the science thing with the atoms due

02/12/2012 1:50pm

This article is talking about self cleaning clothes which would be nice. It would eliminate all the hours it takes to put clothes in the washer and dryer.

Jalen (alabama) howard
02/12/2012 2:22pm

This article id about how scientist are trying to figure a way to make self cleaning clothes that cleans themselves in the sun. The scientist are one day trying to get people not to use laundy machines but use self cleaning clothes

Jalyn A.K.A. CookieMonsta
02/12/2012 4:16pm

This article is about self cleaning clothes. I don't do laundry but my mom does and she probably doesn't like doing it. The fact that chemicals mixed with the cotton fabric can clean clothes is amazing. I hope they can figure it out soon because it would be really helpful for people's finances. Their water bill probably wouldn't be so high. Hopefully the chemicals are harmless to people and won't get people sick.

02/12/2012 4:27pm

This article was about clothes that have chemicals in them and when put in sunlight can wash themselves and get rid of stains and smell. I think this invention would be great. This is a great invention for those going green. This invention would preserve excess use of water. Also I think this invention is great because many people don't like how long it takes for clothes to be washed. Sometimes the machine messes up and you have to fix the problem then go back to starting the cycle all over again. This becomes an annoyance if you have to repeat this cycle. I think this invention is smart except the fact that sometimes the clothes might not work so well and people could begin to smell musty with stains all over their clothes. Wu and Long need to make sure this invention is full proof. Other than that small problem, I think this is just another great invention to a better future.

Terrell Dawkins
02/12/2012 5:32pm

I think that this article is a pretty good article because people can finally avoid doing laundry and the clothes can just do the cleaning themselves. I really can't wait until they begin selling these fabrics.

02/12/2012 6:25pm

This artical is basically talking about, how China is making a fabric, that can clean itself. Which In my option is extraordinary, and extremely smart. If all goes according to plan, their about to run into a lot of money.

02/12/2012 7:22pm

well this is basically talking about how Wu and Long came up with a fabric that cleans the clothes thereselfs. this is good because it takes up less time. this is a great thing they invented and they and was very clever to come up with a product like this

02/12/2012 7:28pm

Man thats awesome thank God someone finally got started on this I hope they find a solution to the health dangers of their self cleaning clothes. As soon as this goes on the market I'm buying it. I hope they can put it in any clothing brand. Like I'd buy a basketball shirt because if you were playing a sport or working out outside your clothes would automatically stop smelling after a period of time and you could wear the clothes agian sooner and you wouldn't smell as bad after you were done ballin. Plus you would spend as much money on cleaning products or if you don't own a washer and dryer you could save some trips to the laundry. Usally i would expect Japan to do this ,but I'm glad Chinas gettin in on some of the action.

Kamill Ashlee Key:)
02/12/2012 8:26pm

Well this artical is basically saying how when we need to clean clothes we have to use soap and water but china is making a clothing part that cleans itself and is no need for that imma say it is pretty smart. it also saves power energy and electricity.

02/12/2012 8:31pm

that's different, that's a good way to save energy and electricity and also a great way to chill than walking back and forth to your washer and dryer that can start to get annyoing

dj franklin
02/12/2012 8:59pm

I think the article is very interesting because it says that China is trying to find ways to clean cloths faster by using silver iodide and titanium dioxide to clean cloths. they say that combining the two chemicals together the cleaning goes faster. they are selling it yet, because they do not know if it would affect the people.

briona redmond
02/12/2012 9:48pm

I think this article is very different. I think that is a cool way of cleaning clothes. A quicker and easier way of cleaning . More people should. Look in to that

Niyette Johnson
02/12/2012 10:17pm

To me this help for people that can't afford washing and drying machines. And it's also reusable because we arent wasting energy,electricity, and water. We are using a resource that God made for us. This really is a great thing that they made it will be very useful for poor people so they can have clean clothes. This is a great way to help us go green and help the earth.

Ryan Newsome ^.^
02/12/2012 10:20pm

This is a very interetsting invention. A formula which is used to clean clothes automatically. This saves time, water, power, and money! This company has created such a great thing! I cant wait to when it is released. They basically combined all the regular formulas of cleaners then added some different ones such as ultra violtet. How it saves power by you not having to use the washing machine as often or never. It saves money by you saving money off cleaners and detergent. It saves time by you not having to wash all those clothes and fold them up as often. It saves water by it not having to use as much water as the washing machine uses.

02/12/2012 11:15pm

It's pretty interesting how scientists have actually gotten close to making this a reality. To think that there is a possiblity that clothes can clean themselves. Its quite amazing. Although I don't completely understand all the tecnicallities with the titanium stuff and chemicals, It sounds practical.

Donovan THE BOSS Steward ^__^
02/12/2012 11:16pm

this is basically about how chinese people designed fabric to help wash. also it said how you can get the odor out of clothes and matariel. this certain. and this formoula was used to was clothes automatically. it saved alot of energy and less money to spnd. this was a great saves electricity. i like the article. -__-

Chloe M@d!son
02/13/2012 5:12pm

I think this is a good invention.It can help you wash your clothes easier.Without having to use washer machine & dryer.Which can help save a lot of money.The invention is different and helpful.Knowing you can clean your clothes by using fabric cotton.It's a lot simpler than a washing your clothes.This really helps save energy.

Cshon Byrams
02/13/2012 5:45pm

wu and long are two very smart people and that is a very smart invention they have created. My mom is not a big fan of laundry anyway. but yep this is my blog

Cor!nn@ Fr@nkl!n
02/13/2012 6:02pm

the article was a bout hoe Wu and Long is trying to find a way to help us wash our clothes faster by trying to find a way to wash our clothes with silver iodide and titanium dioxide and I think it was kind of interesting and that my family and I hate to do laundry and that is my blog

naomi law-kornegay
02/13/2012 6:02pm

to be honest the idea is really cool. very many people dont even have washers or dyers. though the whole " titanium dioxide" thing is still wierd, to me. though wue and long are really smart people. most people would not really think of this ( though some might). it would be funny seeing someone just sitting in the sun letting their clothes clean themselfs

02/13/2012 6:45pm

This article talks about cleaning clothes in sunlight.It talks about people in China came up with a way to clean clothes without putting it in a washer and dryer. I guess I won't be needing a washer and a dryer

Nathan Scott
02/13/2012 7:00pm

I think that self cleaning clothes are a good idea. They would help reduces energy cost by you not having to wash them all the time. the sun would do all the work. I want those because you jest have to put them in the sun.

TyNesha Cannon
02/13/2012 7:09pm

I think that this is a wonderful thing. The way it makes everything safe and great for the environment. wu and Long are wonderful people for testing this and trying to make theworld better.

jonathan walker
02/13/2012 7:40pm

I think its pretty neat that you can get rid of stains with solar energy.Then you would hardly have to use your washing machine.This can also equal a lower water bill,and save you some money.So that takes a couple of dollars of your taxes.

02/13/2012 7:40pm

The things i learned from this article were very interesting...i learned that some scientists were trying to make our clothes clean themselves so we dont have to work our buns off!!! So they did, but they did have to make sure that it its safe for our skin. Because it says that

02/13/2012 7:53pm

Sorry mrs james it wouldnt let me write any more! So this is the rest:
Because it says that the titanium dioxide can hurt your skin so they were nice enough to care about and make it safe for us.
[ thanks so much!! ] To tell the truth i think that nobody really enjoys washing your clothes so thats why i think everyone should get some!

02/13/2012 8:29pm

This article is about how Long and Wu worked so long to create an amazing thing like this. it was hard work and it seems like a great idea. It kind of conserves energy because it makes people use their washer and dryer less often so it saves a few power.

Lauren Key
03/15/2012 7:36pm

I think that this was very good

04/02/2012 5:32pm

i think that this good and bad. the good idea is that the clothes can clean themselves. it saves time and energy. the bad part is that it puts laundry stores out of business.

Cameron Hawkins
04/19/2012 6:49pm

I think that it is really cool to that you can wash and dry clothes without using a washer and a dryer


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