Check out the following article and answer the following questions by midnight on 4.16.12.  Responses must be in paragraph form, 2 paragraphs, 5-7 sentences each.  No text talk and use proper grammar.

What is your opinion on this new invention?  Is this product a great new concept?  Would you invest in this vehicle? Why or why not?  What is its cost and do you think that this will eventually be available to a wide range of consumers (all economic levels)?  What are the pros? Cons?  What do you see as other advances as it comes to transportation in the future?

8th grade- add the following to your paragraphs= How could the aerodynamics be improved?  Are there other options that you would considered in making a vehicle "take flight"?

04/10/2012 4:14pm

I think this product is great because you could get places faster and cut down on gas. I would buy this product for myself. Whenever i get my license i would get one. I would get one because i wouldnt have to sit in traffic or get in an accident. I think they would offer it to everybody because the economy is coming back up and for it to stay up they have to make new things. In the future i hope we have jet packs so we could go places faster instead of walking.

Ryan Newsome
04/16/2012 5:42pm

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Jeremiah Franklin($hortyJ.eremiah)
04/11/2012 11:19am

I think that a flying car is a great invention. But i would not invest it, even if it is a safe vehicle and people have actually tried it. It cost $279,000 dollars. I don't think this "car" will be available for all economic levels. One good thing about it is that you can drive the car and fly it. One bad thing is that this could possibly drive the airplane business out.

Edward Ross
04/11/2012 6:15pm

I think this could be an interesting topic. With this invention, people could get anywhere they needed to. This concept is more than likely only for the rich, and since I'm not neccesarily in the high class, I don't think I could afford to buy it. It costs $279,000, and I don't think I'd invest in it. The reason is the same reason why lower class can't: I'd end up in thousands of dollars in debt. Only the rich class (and possibly some middle class) would actually be able to afford these cars.

I think it will be a good way to save time. People can fly when there's traffic, and you can save hundreds to thousands of dolllars on vacations. A bad thing is car gas alone is already too much as is. Imagine the prices bieng doubled or tripled. Another bad thing is if local airports don't make enough money for taxes, the airlines will charge us more when we actually needed them. Also, there will be more traffic in the sky, leading to fatal accidents. These accidents will be more fatal since when a plane crashes, the plane will gain volocity when falling, which highly diminishes chances of survival. My last con is that if your gas tank isn't big enough, and you're out on the ocean, you're basically a goner. These are other reasons why I wouldn't purchase one. Depending on the invention and price, a futuristic invention could save or destroy our economy. If it costs a lot, it could get more people in debt. If it's cheap, and it's useful, it could help save the economy.

04/12/2012 4:46pm

I think that this is a really cool invention but the concept is not really new. For years people have talked about and dreamed about flying cars. We see them in the movies and cartoon. Even though I like the idea of a flying car I can't see myself investing or buying this type of vehicle because of the cost. Right now the inventors are saying that the Transition's starting price would be $279,000. That's a lot of money and the average American citizen probably wouldn't be able to afford it. For that kind of money you could buy a house. I think that for the average person to invest or buy this vehicle, the price would have to go way down and be more competitive to what an expensive car might cost.

The pros are pretty obvious. If this invention was avaiable to the public, travelers could easily go from driving from their home directly to an airport, to flying a long distance to another city, state or country and then go back to driving to their final destination without ever having to get out of the Transition. That sounds good but then the cons take over. The transition looks too bulky to fit in an average garage. Even with the wings folded, it looks like it's too tall to fit in the garage in the picture. It doesn't look real sleek enough to travel fast in the air and avoid wind resistance. This means it could use a lot more fuel. Anyone who could afford the Transition would have to have a drivers license and go through training to get a pilot's license as well. Gas prices keep rising instead og going down so I think a newer the of cheaper fuel needs to be developed. It's also not like a helicopter that could easily lift off the ground or the highway and fly right over heavy traffic. This flying car needs a long Tarmac to take off. From the pictures it looks like it only holds two people so a whole family couldn't fit in it. The article didn't mention the material that it's made out of but it doesn't look as strong and safe as a regular plane. I think that maybe further in the future other advances need to be developed or invented for faster, safer and easier travel for flying cars but they also need to be more affordable and with cheaper and better fuel alternatives.

04/16/2012 3:36pm

it depends on how many cars you have in the garage i bet i can fit it in my garage if i did not have any cars in it

Carlos Washington
04/12/2012 10:55pm

I think this is a very good thing to us. Its very cool and unique because you can travel in the air with a car. This product is a new great concept because we never saw something like this before and its a flying car , its very rare. I would invest in this vehicle if i had the money. I can travel from Maryland to Florida in the air and on ground .

The amount for this car is $279,000. This might be available to the people who can afford this unique vehicle. The good things are that you can drive in the air and on the road. Instead of driving somewhere for hours and hours you can get there in like 2-3 hours depending on where your going. The bad things are that you are going to need a licsence to drive in air. Their not going to just let everyone drive this vehicle. they might make you take the test in order to get this vehicle. This will help like buisness owners in the future. Like if their top notch buisness people their going from place to place. This vehicle will help them out with transportation.

Tiara Lewis
04/12/2012 11:36pm

My opinion on this invention is, is that it is definitely a larger step into the future that everyone talks about with the flying cars and robots. Yes this project is a great new concept. But, I would not invest in this invention because I would feel safer on the ground and having a flying car is a lot more responsibility. Also you are held accountable for everything that happens. I think a lot of people wil not buy this car for the same reason I won't. Also I think this wouldn't be good because it would pollute the air more I guess. I think the only best part about this car is being able to cut traffic. But the downside to me would be it would take much mie gas than a regular car. But I believe this is only the start of inventions. But the better and better inventions get the lazier and lazier the human race gets. But in addition to my paragraphs I believe flying cars would be a bad idea because it would cause more accident because most people aren't responsible drivers now so if they fly too...then what?

Harlan Lyles
04/13/2012 10:50am

I think the Flying Car is a great new idea and an advanced invention. Additionally, it is a foward progress in transportation. It is exciting to think that one vehicle will use both jet fuel and gasoline. I would if I had the resources, invest in this invention. I would invest in it because I believe many in my generation would find the flying car fascinating. The negative impact for me is the price of the car looking at the starting cost of $279,000 is very expensive. I can only see a few rich people able to afford it. Should the economy turn around, there would possibly be more consumers.

The pros for the Transition are the road ability, the storage issue and the elimination of the lost baggage. It is good that this car will not only fly, but able to be driven from one destination to another. No longer will passengers loose their baggage because they can carry it with them all the time. Finally, this car can be parked in the drive way at home eliminating all types of airport fees. The cons for the Transition are the high cost for ownership, the inclement weather issues and the lengthy travel times. The cost alone starting at $279,000 would block the average consumer from ownership. The inclement weather issue as the article indicated would force the aircraft down, but the road ability would allow continuation of travel. Lastly, the road issue could add a negative to the travel time. I can only think as it relates to other transportation advances would be that the flying car would have the helicopter availability. That is it could lift straight up out of the traffic jam.

Lauren K.
04/13/2012 12:51pm

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Kaela Dorsey
04/13/2012 9:35pm

I think this invention is interesting. It seems really fun to drive and fly in. I think this invention is a great concept many people i think will gain alot from this. I would invest in this product because it seems like you can get to places quicker. This product cost $279,000.

The pros of getting this investment is getting to places quicker and to be able to fly somewhere and then drive to your final destination. The cons of this investment is the fear of it not being able to travel in inclement weather, high cost of ownership,and lengthy time travel times. This was solved by adding roadability. Other investments I see happening in the future is eventually for everyone to drive flying cars and adding details and features to most cars and all cars would be started off of electricity instead of gas, since it cost so much. The aerodynamics could be improved by adding features for it to be able to adapt to any weather,draft or front. There are no other options I have to make a vehicle "take off"

Aaron Gregory
04/14/2012 10:44am

I think this new invention is smart. I think they should work on it a little more just to make sure that it is safe for people to ride in. This product is a great new concept. I would not invest in this vehicle because I don't have that kind of money. I also don't know how to fly a car so I wouldn't risk my life to try.

Aaron Gregory
04/14/2012 10:57am

It costs $270,000. I don't think it will be available because they will need to learn how to fly it first. They will need flight school or something of that nature. I think most people won't be able to afford it because I would think that the car insurance was a lot. The pros are that you don't need to worry about paying for plane tickets. The cons are that it may not be safe and that they would need to make lanes in the sky and stop lights somehow.

04/14/2012 11:39am

I find this invention extremely useful, but at the same time extremely dangerous. This could cure so many problems involving airport traffic and long security checks, but this also gives terrorists an easy target.
Hey, instead of crashing a plane into the White House, why not crash a flying car? You may not get as much of an explosion as a plane, but for 280,000 dollars eliminating the President might not sour bad to a terrorist. Honestly, it is a lot of money, but it could be very useful. I can't wait to either see a price drop or auto-pilot functionality. Who knows? Maybe they will team up with Google and make a self-driving flying car.

It is a very interesting and unique invention. I have seen the airplane model, as well as the gyrocopter model. It is an excellent concept that of course need to be improved upon. If there was a price drop and I was a bit older, I might invest in this. However, I would wait until I had a house and family because you can buy a decent house for 280,000 dollars. I do believe that with enough thought and time, this $279,000 car can soon be open to consumer on some levels of economic standards. I personally do not believe the lower class could because some of them don't even own cars. The good thing is, I can leave when I want without a large amount of problems. The bad things are terrorist threats and ignorance of gas levels. If I was being foolish and ran out of gas, unlike a plane, I am going straight down. Maybe there could be teleportation. Maybe scrambling and reassembling molecules at a different location by a process of electrify could work. Sadly, I am not an expert in science, so m idea is probably illogical for humans.
I am concerned because if I need to go really fast to take off, what if my wheels spin out of control and I crash. Maybe having a gyrocopter included to lift it in the air, then use gasoline to power an engine to move it forward eventually needing the gyrocopter again to land (retractable of course.) I think that what we have now needs to be perfected before we think of other ways to take flight.

04/15/2012 1:53pm

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04/15/2012 2:09pm

I think the flying car is a cool invention but the concept is not new. For years people have talked about and dreamed about flying cars. We see them in movies and cartoons. No, I can't see myself buying or investing in this type of vehicle because of it's cost. The inventors said that the Transition's starting price would be $279,000. That's a lot of money and the average person probably couldn't afford it. You could buy a house with that kind of money. I think that in order for the average person to buy the Transition, the cost would have to go way down to something like the most expensive cars cost.

The pros are obvious. Travelers can drive directly from their home to an airport, fly a long distance to another city, state or country and then go right back to driving to their final destination without ever leaving their Transition. That sounds good but then the cons take over. The Transition is too bulky to fit in an average garage. Even with the wings folded, it looks like it's too tall to fit in the garage in the picture. It's not sleek, so it probably can't avoid wind resistance and that means it would use up too much fuel. If you bought a Transition, you'd have to have a drivers license and go to training to get a pilots license as well. That's more money. Gas prices keep going up instead of down so I think cheaper fuels need to be developed. It's not like a helicopter that can lift straight up off the ground to fly over heavy traffic. It needs a long Tarmac to take off. There's no rooms for families because it looks like it only holds two people. The article didn't say what kind of material it is made out of, but it looks kind of flimsy so it may not be as strong and safe as regular planes. So I think until further advances can be developed for faster, safer and easier travel and until the price goes down and cheaper fuel is available, I would have to wait before buying a flying car for now.

04/15/2012 4:59pm

I believe this is an interesting invention. It definitely has potential for greatness. You could travel through the air and on land in a breeze. It is alluring because you can now fly to your own destination without having to even buy a ticket at the airport. This is not something I would invest in though because of the risks involved such as damage to your car affecting flight, or crashes mid air with other flying vehicles. It costs $279,000 and I don't think this will be available to the masses because soon I believe we will be extremely poor and unable to afford to maintain cars let alone flying ones.

This vehicle will have its benefits. As I stated earlier it will be easier to fly than boarding a plane and be most likely much cheaper in the long run. However there will be no way to contact other planes to stay out of their way or to contact the airport if stranded. I believe that eventually we will have cars that can travel underwater to help stop people from drowning in water related accidents in the future. The machine I believe could have been more aerodynamic by having only 1 tail and even getting rid of the rod on the roof. You may also have an inflatable pad under the car and a very strong motor to help get it off the ground.

TyNesha Cannon
04/15/2012 6:46pm

My opinion on this invention is that it is actually pretty cool. I think that it is a great new concept because it can help save money, you can drive it on roads and fly in the air, and you can have it with you at all times. I actually would invest in this vehicle once it is proven safe and ok to have. I would invest because it can save you money when you want to fly somewhere and it would be really cool to be riding around in a "airplane-car." The cost of this invention is $279,000. I'm really not quite sure if it will be available to all economic levels, but i hope it would be be. For some reason, i kind of doubt that iit will be available to all economic groups but i dont know why.

The pros of this invention are:
limiting costs, it saves you from having to park at airports, and more
The cons of this invention are:
the high cost,bad weather, and lenghty travels
The advances if this is that it will help with all transportation and make it easier to get from point A to point B.

04/15/2012 6:51pm

I think the car is a cool idea. It would be fun to drive on the road and just randomly fly off to the sunset. I think its a great concept. I would not inwest in this because its too risky to buy. The model could just decide not to work and fall right out of the sky.

It cost $279,000, a very expensive price! I don't personally think it would be available to all economic levels. It is very costly to build a flying car. Plus, the government has to pay for all that technology to make the car fly. There are still many problems with the flying car. The fact that it only has two seats scratches off families on their list of buyers. Weather could be a problem when you want to fly. Let's not forget, the price tag. On the bright side, it would be a faster way to travel than to just sit in traffic. Plus it would give people a chance to feel what its like to be a pilot. I think in the future we shoul be able to teleport. Also, I think being able to download any kind of food through a computer or cellphone would be awesome, too!

04/15/2012 7:27pm

I think this flying car is weird for real life. You normally see things like that on movies and TV shows. It's maybe good for some. But, then for everyday life probably not in my opinion. I don't think it's a great concept for everyday people like us, but it could be for someone else. It's price of $279,000 is probably not going to be wide ranged for consumers of today's consumers. It just isn't everyday people to me.
The pros to me is it's convenient I guess because, of the flying aspect of the vehicle. Cons to me is that it's not affordable for your everyday person. I think it's advances for the future, is you can forget about all the drama the airport and trips become much quicker.
How it takes flight and weight can be improved.

Danyel Royster
04/15/2012 7:56pm

Well, first of all I like this invention because although it seems a little dangerous, It may benefit people because some may be in a rush to get to a destination and they need fast transportation etc... This product can be considered a good new concept because as I said it may help may people but at the same time its just like your going in a airplane. I think i might consider investing in it but at times i could just wait and be patient travel and go on a airplane that would be more simplier. It might be a good idea for alot of people that have long journeys to travel to get to work to invest in this as in half way across the country. The cost of this new invention is 279,000 and no i don't think alot of people will dabble into this because its the same thing as going in a airplane but instead its a airplane car.

If you are traveling to another part of the country or world you don't have to worry about waiting in the airport lines you can just go and you don't have to pay for anything. Their are terroists to be aware of. What happens if you run out of gas then whats going happen thats what you really have to think about. It can take off one way but then land the other way. Some gas may run long than others and they may justhave a safer trip.

Donovan Steward
04/15/2012 10:07pm

My thoughts on this invention is that it is cool. I like how its a car and it is a plane. The good thing about it is that it isnt big and the wings fld up so you can drive on the street with other cars. i dont believe yo need a pilot licsence to drive it. This vehicle can get you places quick. the bad thing is that you have to go to the airport to take off. I dont like that. This product is a great new concept bcause of the things i said. also i think its good on gas. Iwill most definitelt invest in this product. i think its great to have.
It cost 279,000 dollars. Thats alot. You will probably have to give up alo of things to buy that vehicle. Well i think it would be good in most economic levels. it probably global warms. Thats bad. I already stated the pros and cons earlier in first paragraph. when it comes to transportation in the future he price will most likely go down hopefully. Then everybody will be buyimg the product.

04/16/2012 3:51pm

I think this new invention is really cool a car that can fly instead of buying a plane ticket you can just take off from your nieghborhood.
yes i would invest in this product becuase of the numbers.Terrafugia has gathered or garnered 100 which is $10,000 deposits on the vehicle. i think this product is a great new concept because it combines my 2 favorite thing's airplanes and cars. the starting price is $279,000 I think it should be able to be on the wide consumer market because i think alot of people want a flying car and will buy it.
it can fly
it can drive
dont have to worry about getting your bags dammaged
takes up to much space on the road
terroist might get a hold of it
you can crash
I see skateboards advancing to hoverboards.

04/16/2012 3:53pm

that was the answers for the regular questions the 8 grade add ons will be added tomorrow

Corinna Franklin
04/16/2012 5:51pm

This product I found very interesting. I found it interesting because been dreaming of flying cars but they never thought they could actually make one. And think it is good for us because it cuts down on gas. And it is fun because you can fly and drive I find that really cool.and this product is bad because it can bank rupt the car companies and then we would only hav flying cars through the entire world.

Cshon Byrams
04/16/2012 5:55pm

This is my comment on the flying car. I think this a wonderful invention. One thing that could have some
thought in to it is the price. Most people can not afford it. Some people can not even afford the cars today. I do understand it new but if you wanna this world but cut down the price do every one can afford.
It is a very smart invention. It does not require gas which is like 5 dollars. The article talked about the car in the weather. In a thunderstorm it can get caught up in it. And the rain could be difficult to see. And will anyone make flying tragic sign to guide the drivers. And this is my 2paragraphs. I hope you enjoyed.

04/16/2012 5:58pm

I think this invention is really cool. I think when it comes out it would be the turn of the century everyone would buy it. No this product is not a new concept people have been talking about it for years. Yes i would invest in this product because when i get it i know i would save lots of money from buying plane tickets. THE COST OF IT IS $279,000. No i dont think it will be available to all economic levels. Pros are you would save money and you would be able to fly wherever you want from your airport. Cons are you have to invest some time to get a liscence and you can crash and die. Other advances i think teliportation so you can be at one place and all of a sudden be home

Corinna Frankin
04/16/2012 5:59pm

Miss James this is my other half because my computer froze up. This could also be bad for the world because I think there could be a lot more accidents then in cars. And this product I think is really cool because you do not have to wait in traffic you can literally fly through traffic. And this product can also make life go faster.

04/16/2012 6:46pm

Well i coudnt really understand what they were saying, because they used more scientific words that i would like to learn more about. Overall i kind of think its cool, but then again it seems a little bit too much and a little bit dangerous to me. But if i had to choose between the intimidator and the flying car i would choose the flying car.

04/16/2012 6:50pm

im sorry mrs. James my ipod wasnt working well so it wouldnt let me type so i'll type the rest of the first paragraph then i will do the second paragraph.

Cameron Hawkins
04/16/2012 6:50pm

I think that it is cool. You can get out of traffic. You can travel to the airport. You can legally go 100 miles per hour.

Ryan Newsome
04/16/2012 6:53pm

The flying car is a great invention! This flying car saves you time if there is traffic on the beltway or the highway. It's a great invention especially for pilots and for people who are in a rush to get somewhere. You can fly at a cruising speed and just look at all the cars down on the ground. But this invention isn't perfect. It does have quite a few cons. to it. For one thing, the miles per gallon on the road is good (35 mpg), but when you get in the air, you only get 20 miles per gallon! Not a lot of mileage when flying in the air! You would spend boatloads of money fueling that up if you only get 20 MPG. It is a good concept for something for the future but is not the best concept for style and performance. The other big drawback is the price of this vehicle which is approximately 250,000 dollars. If this car became affordable to most people of every class, these cars would overcrowd the air traffic, which is a major problem.

If I was going to invest in this flying car at the age I am now, I wouldn’t buy it because currently I don't have the money to buy a $250,000 car and neither does the average American. But in the future when I am older, (unless they change the style and mileage highly) there is a low chance of me purchasing it. This invention would mostly attract the rich, maybe a few of the middle class, but none of the poor. I can see many advances in this type of invention like different types of cars such as cars that can teleport somewhere instantly or better technology in each car. But to even make transportation better they could have some sort of shoe that can speed up your movement or maybe a hovercraft cycle!

04/16/2012 7:05pm

Yes i think this a great new concept because maybe Mr. Dietrich didnt want to have to walk to somewhere or want to ride his bike somewhere or even drive his car in trafic!! So thats why he probably made this invention. To be honest i would not want to buy this flying car because 1) it is too much money 2) what if you get in a crash trying to take off? And 3) when you get it and you tell your family and friends that you have it they might take advantage of you just like winning the lottery.

04/16/2012 7:13pm

(2nd paragraph)
The cost of the flying car is $290,000 . No, the economics would not be able to get a chance to buy this vehicle because some people cant even drive right so how are they going to be able to fly a car? Another reason is because alot of people are not pilots of airplanes or can drive so they couldnt be qualified.

04/16/2012 7:14pm

I think thats this is a wasteful invention.It is wasteful because it uses alot of space at home and also at the airport. This is also wasteful because it uses alot of gas which is not good for the eviorment. Yes this is a new concept because people usally go to the airport in there cars . Now they are able to go to the airport in a plane. this will also help them get there faster.

The cost of this invention is very exspensive. the cost of this invention is 279.000 dollars. No I do not believe that this will be able to consumers. This would not be avabile for consumers because many people do not have the money to keep the plan. The advantages are that it gets you to differnt places in a shorter time and distance. This also helps increase the air travel.

Joshua Layne
04/16/2012 7:23pm

I think this invention could be very useful. You could get to where you need faster even if there is traffic. People have been saying they have wanted flying cars for decades! Finally, they made one! I think the idea is creative and I'm sure it took a lot of work. I think it was a fantastic idea! I think anyone else should agree. Yes, I would invest in this vehicle if I had the money. I would invest in this not just because it would be lots of fun but it would also be useful.

It costs $279,000. I do not think this will be available to a wide range of consumers because of how expensive it is. People who don't get payed enough for their job may not be able to afford this vehicle. There are plenty of benefits you could get places faster and less traffic. How convenient is that! The cons are that it is two expensive and the fuel would be to expensive. In the future the advantages would be as same as today. It would be less expensive and you can travel faster.

Cody Johnson
04/16/2012 7:29pm

I believe that it would be a cool ivention. I think it would cool to see cars with people flying in the air. I would invest because they would be nice not getting in a road jam or block. You would not have to worry about getting hit. This invention will cost $279,000 dollars for consumers to buy. Yes I will think it will be world wide. Pros- are that you do not have to worry about traffic. Gas is not that expensive. Cons- Their would be no way to park. Where would take off at.

04/16/2012 7:31pm

I think that this invention is a great invention. I think that it is and is not. First of all i would and wouldn't. The reason why I would because then you can fly in the car to get to where you need to go faster if you have enough gas. The reason why i wouldn't is because if I go into the car then find out that there is not enough gas then that would be a serious problem. The cost of this car is 279,000. I say yes. I think that this invention would be available to many consumers. i say no.

Nadira Cousins
04/16/2012 7:36pm

I think this invention, the Transition, is pretty cool. It is a production prototype for a "roadable aircraft." Considering the fact that you can legally go to the airport, use the tarmac, and be on your way up in the air, you have to admit, that's pretty awesome. I think this product is a great new concept because many people have been talking about the invention of flying cars for a while now. I wouldn't want to invest in this vehicle. To learn how to control this vehicle in the air, I would have to learn how to fly and become a pilot. The cost of this vehicle is starting at $279,000. For a flying car, I think the price is pretty reasonable. I think eventually this vehicle will be available to a wide range of consumers. Right now, a majority of the consumers wanting to purchase this product are pilots. People have been talking about futuristic flying cars for a while, so I think people will see this as an oppurtunity to invest in the first flying car.

There are pros and cons about this new production prototype. One good thing about this vehicle is that it is able to be driven on the roads. It is also capable of legally being driven to an airport and use the tarmac to get itself up into the air. You have 35 mpg for the roads and 20 mpg up in the air. You can also cruise at 100 mph in the air. If one day there was bad weather, the aircraft could simply land and drive on the highways. When driving to the local airport, you wouldn't have to worry about going on another vehicle, transporting your luggage, or moving yourself. It would all be in the flying car. This saves valuable time waiting in airplane lines. Though this prototype seems very cool, it does have some down faults. Some people may have the fear of flying it in inclement weather. Also, there might be high cost of ownership and lengthy travel times to the airport and back. Another advancement talked about is teleporting. If teleporting existed, the world would go crazy trying to teleport everywhere. I highly doubt teleporting would become a new transportation for in the future. Yes, it might save us money because we would rather teleport than drive cars, but think of the cost doing research on teleports and trying to create one. Anyways, I think there will be other great advancements to transportation for the future.
Ms. James, I found an article that you can consider using as a topic for your blog. The title is "Teleportation Is Real - But Don't Try It at Home."
Here is the link:,8599,1874760,00.html
I thought it might be interesting. It is by Time Science.

04/16/2012 8:13pm

Mrs. James , did mine not go through because i did it late thursday early friday like 1 or 2 in the morning

Nathan Scott
04/16/2012 8:41pm

My opinion for this flying vehicle is it is cool. It would be nice just to go to a run-way and fly. This is a cool invention. This product has a great concept. All you would have to do is go to a flat open space to fly. It will also help save gas. I would invest in this invention.

I would because it would help lower gas prices because planes take a lot of gas and if they stop gas would become cheaper. It costs $279,000. I think this will become available to everybody once they make it easy to control. It is good because it will help save gas, it will keep people out of traffic, it will cause less accidents. some bad things are you need to know how to fly, you need a place to take off and land. In the future people will start building more flying cars.

Isaiah Bonhomme
04/16/2012 8:56pm

I think this is a great idea. But there are some pros and cons about this invention. There is a big con witch is that the price is $279,000. Most people in this economy cannot afford that. I think that the price would have to go down by a large amount before most people would be able to afford it. Another is that it cant fit more than two people. That means that it wouldn't be able to fit a whole family. I would not see myself buying one of these vehicles mainly because of the price.
There are many pros to this vehicle as well. This makes transportation easier. This also cuts out high flight costs. All you have to do is drive to an airport to use this. You can travel from state to state with ease. I think they would have to make some major advances to this vehicle before it can be released to the public.

Juwan Fleming
04/16/2012 9:01pm

I think this invention was well thought out. The only thing I didn’t like about this invention is the speed of the flying car. I think this is a great idea because this invention can generate a lot of money for the persons who developed it--because this has never been done before. The cost of the flying car is $279,000 per car. I do think it is a reasonable price since the car can fly. This car could save people time during their travel. They could get to work faster. I think this is a great new concept and I would invest in this invention. I also think that this will be available to a wide range of consumers because so many people want to get to their destination faster than normal to save them a lot of time.
The transportation of the future would probably be flying cars and better and more advanced than today. I believe that we will have flying cars and more advanced technology such as a teleportation system, portals, and much more. One advantage for example if you live in Maryland and want to go to California you could use your flying car and not buy plane tickets. Some of the pros are: the car it’s not too expensive; it’s been approved by the U.S. Federal Aviation Authority; the car had to include road ability capable of driving on public streets. It could also limit space because the car could be parked at home. Some of the cons with the flying car are: not enough clear tarmac on the interstate to get the Transition off the ground; it’s not like you can see some traffic and hit a button and hop right over other cars into the air; and it would not need on-site airport storage.

shanel gray
04/16/2012 9:04pm

Honestly, it seems a lot more convenient. As long as you have a permit and use it correctly, it could work. Think about it, if you are able to do this, would people use commercial planes as much. I think it’s kind of cool. The concept is fine, but more research and designing will definitely have to be done, I mean, a flying car, how can it not be awesome. Honestly, as cool as it is I wouldn’t think about investing in it, at least not at such an early stage in introduction to the public. I just would want to make sure it was safe before investing.

Its price is pretty high at $279000 so right now, I think this would mostly be around in the upper class, but eventually, it might be more available and cost the same as a regular car. Some pros are its ingenious design and its new “face” in the world of transportation. Cons however are economic, if it becomes more popular, many people will go crazy to get one, and another is like the whole “buses vs. cars” thing. You know, individual transport (flying cars) harms the planet more than group transport (commercial planes). Honestly, who knows about teleportation, it could be done. I mean, now there’s a flying car!

adia smith
04/16/2012 9:36pm

My opinion on this new invention which is a flying car is that it could be a great invention it would be fun to drive and to fly. Even if it was fun I wouldn't invest in it because it cost a lot of money and I don't have that kind of money,and if something new comes out that is better which could cost more I might need a loan for the bank,then I probably might be in debt. The flying car cost 279,000 dollars. I don't think the wide range of consumers like middle class would be able to buy it and if they do and it is from the bank they could also probably be in debt for a long time. The pros is that it cab drive and it can also fly,it is like a mini plane so if you want to go on vacation you can just use your flying car. The cons is that it would make the airplane business shut down and all the people that work for that company that was out of business now have no job,no money so it might be hard for them to do the things with the money they had before. In the future they can have other inventions for transportation, like jet packs and hubber crafts something that the elderly could use also. Thank you

dj franklin
04/16/2012 10:17pm

My opinion on the flying car is I think it is dangerous. The reason is that it said that 95% of the people bying are pilots, and they have more experience on flying. I think this concept needs to be thought over a little more. I would not invest in the flying car. The reason is that I can't fly cars, so I might do something wrong and crash. Plus, I hate hights.

The cost of the car will start at $ 279,000. I do think it will be available to wide range consumers, because they would like to see the results and get money. The pros are if someone buys the car, they would be using less gas, they would be flying a car, and they could get to their destination faster. The cons is that some people do not know how to fly a machine, some people do not like to fly, and if people buy these cars, many airlines could loos it passengers. For future things, they should try to use jet rockets to lift the car, and they should try to make it without using wings. The Aerodynamics can be improved by using a fule that can cause the car to lift more and for the car to be able to withstand more pressure as it goes higher. In making a car "take flight" I would use jet rockets to lift the car rather than a run way. Also, I would try to figure a way not to use wings.

Aaron Goldson
04/16/2012 10:52pm

I think that this is one of the most awsome inventions since the tv. Despite this invention being so facsinating i do not think it will sell very well because most of the people who are going to buy it are pilots. Ido think the flying car is a great new concept because its a car and plane combined. But i would not invest in this vechicle because iam not a pilot. This invention will probably continue to selll great among pilots, but when it comes to people period it might be a flop.

I highly doubt that this invention would be available to nation wide range of customers because i don't think the majority of people who work will be able to afford this vichicle. one of the pros is if your a pilot and you go to the airport, you show your piloe liscence and you take off. one of the cons are if you are driving in the midddle of a highway you can't automatically take off. in the future i picture a car that can on land, water, and air.

04/19/2012 6:53pm

this talks about cool inventions

05/02/2012 7:30pm

I think the new invention is actually pretty cool. I do think this is a great new concept because nobody likes to sit in traffic anywhere. Most people have probably wished they could just fly over the traffic. I would invest in this new invention only if I had the money and my license. The car costs $279,00 and I do think it can become available to a lot of consumers only if like a lot of people start investing in it. Also if people demand for it they might lower the price so that they could sell more.

The pros about this invention is that you wouldn’t be stuck in traffic anymore that much. Also you could cut back on gas and you would also be in a flying car! The cons are that you would have to take time to learn how to fly it though it may be like a plane but some people don’t know how to fly a plane so. Other cons are that it would be a lot of people in the air at one time then it might cause traffic in the air. Other advances for transportation in the future are that there will be less traffic on the road to get places. Also if you’re traveling somewhere far you could fly yourself to your destination instead of paying for a plane ticket.

The aerodynamics could be improved by increasing the mpg on the highway and air. Also, making it adaptable to any type of weather. The only other option I would consider is to make it adaptable to inclement weather.


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