Read the article "Meat From Scratch"

Respond to the above article in 2 complete paragraphs (7-9 sentences each).  Consider previous experiments that lead to this discovery.  How may this affect the future of animal breeding and meat consumption?  Is this a product you would like to try?  Why or why not?

naomi kornegay
04/28/2012 11:32am

the artical has alot of pro's and con's to it.
some pro's are the fact that it is healthy. there is less killing involed. so many science labs are working on this. plus if its true that they have been doing this since 1990 it bound to be completed soon. the usage of cells instead of flesh is better for the population. using stem cells are very organic too. no one could argue with this.
though there are some con's to it all. the arical states that it uses cells, muscel, and stem cells. do they use anything els though? and as it says to get more cells form the animals the animal needs to eat more. if the animal has to eat morr that means more food needs growing. witch leed to more pesticides and other harmful things. also if it takes so many cells and other things from the animal where not taking its life but aren't we still taking things like mabey its haelth.

Cody johnson
04/28/2012 8:52pm

I feel good about this invention for some parts. This will be a healthy burger unlike Mc Donalds. Their burgers are shot up with items to keep them frozen. Mc Donalds burgers are filled with fat with no proteins. These burgers will be nothing but nutriens and proteins. It is made in a lab in not a mill. An animal will not have to be killed to make someone money.

It is bad for breeding because there are so many animals being born to breed. If something like this came out businesses will be closed down. There will be no use for extra animals anymore. Yes, I would like to try this product to compare to real meat. Im pretty sure it wont have the same taste as regular meat or burgers. Alot of people will hate this expiriment as usual. Im pretgier sure it will be healthier then a fast food burger or meat.

04/29/2012 1:31pm

Since they have been experimenting on creating food in the 1990s in a lab, it has gotten them to the point of creating meat without killing animals.So the need for having so many cows will decrease and so will the need of all these chemicals to keep the cows healthy will decrease. Which will improve the inviroment to help keep the meat consuption. Although it may be alot of money to spend, it might help the enviroment and you to taste different things and learn different things. When it actually works in the future we can improve it and help save the cows by not having to put so many chemicals in the cows and use them for their meat all the time. When you think about it it actually sounds gross and weird but in the end we will probably learn how to make different uses out of it and help the enviroment and live a better life. I think that Mr. Post is doing a good thing in helping the enviroment , people and animals.

For wanting to make this product i would say a yes and a no. Here are the reasons why. Well i would say yes because i get to try something new because i always like to try something new and because it might taste really good and i could sell it and own a business. I would say no because It could probably not taste good or give me food poisoning or i could blow something up. Also because it doesnt sound like it would taste could or have that much flavor in it as much as beef. Another reason why i wouldnt make this product is because it would take to long and it sounds like your growing a plant. The last reson is because it has to many steps you would have to take to finish this product.

Edward Ross
04/29/2012 5:11pm

Many animal's lives will be spared because of this breakthrough in technology. If this becomes popular, the only reason people will need animals are for pets and clothes. Humans have become so advanced in technology that what could only be done by animals no longer needs to use that animal for a service. People once used mules and horses to travel, but now, the only time you hear a horses name when dealing with cars is when it comes to how fast it can go. If this keeps happening, one of two things may happen. Less animals can be slaughtered and be in captivity, and more will be in the wild. The most likely thing that will happen is that all of the animals won't be bred and the species may become endangered or extinct.

I wouldn't try this product. It's mainly because you can get the cheaper versions at some fast food restaurants. Also, until this food is well known and proved to be healthy, or at least not unhealthy, I wouldn't be going near it. One reason nobody will get these new inventions coming out is because it costs way too much. This is one way how history repeats itself. This is really just like the industrial revolution: people invent a bunch of new things that nobody but the rich van afford until people start using credit. No one can pay of their debt (like it is now), and America is in a nationwide crisis yet again.

Cameron Hawkins
04/29/2012 10:40pm

I think that this will help us. Because we don't have to kill animals. It looks and tastes just like meat. I think that it is a great idea.I however think that it is just a little bit to expensive. It costs more than a regular house in the U.S. It costs 330,000 dollars.

I would love to try it. Ithink it will taste good. And it will be healthy for people. But I might not be able to try it. Because it is to exspensive. I just won't be able to buy it. But it sounds good.

04/30/2012 4:43pm

Here is my blog on the meat from scratch topic. Other experiments that led to this discovery included French biologist Alexis Carrel that removed the heart of a chicken and kept it alive in a lab dish. He accomplished having tissue outside of the body and still having it alive. NASA also had a role in this discovery. NASA developed meat that would provide protein for astronauts. Also NASA funded projects to make fish nuggets in their lab. They used goldfish to help with their experiments.

Animals such as cows, chickens, pigs, and etc. will have a longer life span than their usual time. If this plan is successfull we could have plenty of more animals to help our earth and to provide food. Also since we wont kill anymore animals due to this process we will have an increase in meat. Since we will extract cells of the animals we will have a delicous meal and the animals will be able to roam the earth for several years longer. I myself agree with this new idea. I would love to try this product. First of all I love meat. Secondly since the animals will still be safe that makes me even more eager to try it. Lastly because it will probably tates better or the same.

04/30/2012 7:53pm

This may affect the future of animal breeding because since a lot of the animals aren't going to be killed there will be a lot more animals reproduced. They may lose some cells though. This may affect the future of meat consumption because the meat can be fine-tuned to offer improved health benefits. This also may affect the future of meat consumption because the vegetarians may eat the lab-meat because its not really meat. Also people who don't like the idea of bypassing cattle may prefer the lab-meat. The meat may improve life on Earth. The environment may become safer because raising animals for food can hurt the environment. It can hurt the environment because doing this can increase pollution which causes global warming.

Yes this is a product I would like to try. I would like to try this because it can cause less risk of health issues such as cancer. Also, I would like to try it because I like to eat and i would like to try a different burger. I also would like to try this product because it seems really cool to try and eat. I would like to try this product because there will be much more population of animals now and less pollution.

jadin davis
04/30/2012 9:29pm

It will effect the future of animal breeding alot. The reason why is because people wouldnt have to raise so many chickens. Now we have alot or too many chicken farms.And anyway we dont eat that much chicken. And meat consumption will go up i think.The reason why is because if it is cheap people will buy it.

jadin davis
04/30/2012 9:34pm

If it needs alot of money people wont buy it. Just like now people dont buy that much meat because it costs too much. I would like to try it just once. If i get sick or dont like it i wont eat it again. Everybody should try it just once. You should try new things at least once.

Lauren Key
05/01/2012 4:44pm

First like in the first sentences it is all like devour a hamburger that costs about twice as much as most houses do in the United States.Why would you pay that amout for food that is so stupid like really that hambuger will only last for like 3 hours and a home can last for 3 years...This is a shame for a buger look how much this is $330,000 o no no no.The good things is it will look like a buger but no aniamls would be harmful dough :).

Harlan Lyles
05/01/2012 6:42pm

At first glance I found this article interesting. As I looked closer it does not seem realistic to me. Cost for example is extraordinary. I do realize that once it is perfected the cost could become reasonable. Then considering the process involved in making the meat product is exceptional. The use of biology and chemistry is something I had not considered deeply for creating my food. To think that a chicken heart was kept alive in a lab dish is a bit unnerving for me. Also the idea of using a goldfish filet and cultivating it to grow new tissue in a nutrient broth made from mushrooms is just not normal. But, history will continue to be made.

With the population growth some scientist believe that the demand for meat will become overwhelming. They believe that the invention of the engineered meat will become necessary. This in turn will affect the breeding of animals. Breeding would be limited because we would not be eating the animals on a regular basis, but the lab produced meat. I am not convinced this is the path we need to take. Further I am not sure that I would even like to try the product. First, because of cost and then the problem with texture and taste. The texture being rubbery and the taste being bland. Finally, I am not convinced that this engineered meat would improve life on Earth. I believe an individual can choose either to eat meat from animals, eat vegetables only or consider eating the engineered meat made in the lab. What I am convinced about is that God will provide.

05/01/2012 7:58pm

THis article is basically about scientist taking chemicals and making them food. In this article a scientist took chemicals and mixed them together. After that what they cam out with was a huge burger. Scientist declared that this burger would cost a live cost about the amount of a house. It took a long time in order to make it.

It honestly really cannot affect the future. It's not a product I would not want to try. Only because I wouldn't trust it. Also because that's to many chemicals. Also because it's too much meat.

Ryan Newsome
05/01/2012 8:46pm

This seems like another great discovery! It is great that you can get meat from animals without killing them. It saves the population of animals. But there is one problem. The price, it's too high. 300,000 dollars to buy meat that is like any other meat that is sold in stores? The only reason I would see it having a slightly higher price is because it took them a lot to make the meat without killing the animal(s). Other than that, only very rich people would buy this. Other than that it's kind of a crazy idea to buy something like this.

I would not buy it NOW due to its price. But if the price lowers in a few years I would buy it every now and then since it's very good to save the environment. This would affect the future of breeding by less killing of animals to occur and more production of meat. More production of meat equals lower prices most likely. Many experiments of created foods in laboratories could have lead to this discovery. It probably took years to discover this. I am glad scientists have taken the time to find a way to produce meat without killing animals

05/01/2012 11:21pm

I think that it would be accepted by a good amount of people. Such as vegetarians would be more open to it. And if it were to get popular enough animal breeders would probably have to lower prices for meat. They'd eventually go out of business if it got more famous. I'd only expect people such as PETA, and former vegetarians to eat it the most. But I don't I would eat it on the regular. I would feel like I was eating "fake" meat. They even say it feels rubbery which makes me think it tastes rubbery and hard to eat which is disgusting. Sure I would try it, but I wouldn't pay more than 10 dollars at the most just in case I don't like it of course. Otherwise it is somewhat of a good idea if you want a wider range of people to start eating meat.

Terrell Dawkins
05/02/2012 5:22pm

I think that this may be a threat to the animals of the future. I think so because since this may be engineered meat so it may not be the best thing to the people because it may make animals that eat that meat may become sick. Also it may not be the best food for people because with engineered food and not natural meat it may change the perspective of meat around the world. It could be a disaster for people because it may start a new disease in the world. Besides if this meat goes into stores or restaurants many people won't eat it because they would be used to natural meat. Altough it may be good for astronauts.

Astronauts nay like this idea because when they're on the road they can quickly make an engineered burger or any kind of meat, but don't think that this should be used in modern society. Also how can engineered meat be more healthy than the real thing? It doesn't make any sense that Post would say that. This is one food product that I will never try. I will never try this because I don't think I'm ready to eat any scientific food right now. I really hope that this will never come into this world.

Leah F.
05/02/2012 5:32pm

I believe there were many experiments that could have contributed to the idea of meat production. One experiment could have been the discovery of stem cells. Once this discovery was made, anything was possible because stem cells reproduce themselves. The production of meat from labs can improve the future. The tiresome process of raising crops and feeding the livestock can damage the greenhouse effect. There are harmful gases and toxins produced that further the danger of global warming. Also this kind of meat reduces the diseases that are passed through red meat because of the animal's blood.

I am not exactly sure if I would try this new meat. I might not eat it because I am so used to red meat that white meat that feels rubbery might not work for me. I also feel like this kind of meat might not taste as good as red meat. Thirdly, I am not going to pay 300,000 dollars for fake meat that could taste disgusting. I might try it because it is good for me and can stop diseases. Also I like, at times, to try new things and this would be quite the adventure for me. Lastly, I could help our dying planet by stopping the amount of harmful gases let into the air.

Zion G
05/02/2012 5:41pm

I think this product will be revolutionary. I have heard about many advances in science,but this one seems the most appealing of all. The possibilty of meat without harmful side effects is amazing. I would definitely wish to try it. I am a little suprised to hear about how long this invention has been in the making. I was also impressed with the possibility of meatless chicken. I have great hopes for this technology as it will allow us to get the taste that we crave without inhumane treatment of animals.

I think this is a good idea also because it will cause less animals to be required. They can get these stem cells from a few select animals and piece the muscle tissue they create together to form the product that we crave. Less animals mean that it will be easier for the cattle to be fed all organic food as they won't have to feed as many of them,which will be healthier for us. Also it will cause more humane living quarters for the animals as they won't be packed as tight together and living in discomfort. I am really fired up for this because we will be benefitted just by eating the foods which, have tastes we like. It also has the possibility to eliminate the possibility of catching certain diseases linked to red meat. It is just another revolution to our daily lives.

05/02/2012 6:55pm

What I will first like to say is that America came a long way to find this type of technology. From time began we have been slaughtering animals(cows) for there meat and skin. People turning into vegaterians because of there belief in not killing the cows. And me feeling bad about the cows that have been killed to be in my burgers. Know after all these years of scientist studying,hard work, and patience they finally payed off. They figured out a way to not slaughter the cows, but still get the meat from the cows. I think this is a great discovery and a terrible discovery too.

The reason why I think its a bad idea beacause if were not killing the cows we might become over populated with cows. And not everybody can take care of cows so either they end up killing the cows for meat again, or they can die from poor living conditions, roadkill, ect. The good reason is we can have enough cows so we can donate them to the poor or to Africa. However people might get sick or tired of eating the cow meat and stop eating it. I personally wouldn't want to eat this meat. The reason why is because it is way to expensive to buy. I might be willing to try it if they lowered the price to like five bucks.

05/02/2012 7:31pm

After reading this article I understand why stem cell research is so important. I knew that scientists were looking for ways of eliminating cancer and other diseases through stem cell research but I didn't know they could develop engineered meat through stem cells.

Developing and producing engineered meat can have a positive effect on animal breeding because we could finally stop the cruel ways that we breed animals strictly to end up killing them for the production of food. Chickens are raised in dirty overcrowded environments and are often injected with steroid and chemicals just so that enough edible chicken is available to feed people throughout the world. We do the same thing when raising beef. Engineered meat would help to stop this kind of treatment of animals as well as improve our environment through less pollution. Also with our fast growing world population, we wouldn't have to worry about running out of meat and protein if we relied on engineered meat.

If I could afford it I'd definitely try the engineered meat. It's just protein so I don't think it could harm you. Plus Post says that engineered meat can be "fine tuned to offer improved health risks". Today if we eat too much red meat like burgers and steaks, there's the possibility that this could lead to diseases and cancer, but eating the engineered meat could actually reduce health risks by improving nutritional content.

05/02/2012 9:02pm

Personally i think this is a bad idea on my opinion. Watch theres going to be a study or some mess up were they kill someone or make a mistake in some way and have a call back of the product. Don't think i'm hating or being perstimistic ,nevermind i kinda am being negative its just that there seems to be a problem first time around or thats just me. I just don't like the idea of someone having there hands on my meat for months before i actually get to eat it. Would it spoil before i got it or what. Its good how they are trying to help the earth and cut down on green houses gases, but its a little to late to start worrying about global warming. They had all this time to start this stuff but them saying stuff about helping the earth isn't really gonna help very much things are gonna get worse and they started worrying about the earth a little to late.

This is also gonna put a couple people out of jobs and carrers if this works. Plus it sounds a little far fetched to me like you can have a dream but in this case i am going to be one of the people to say its not gonna happen anytime soon and be ediable. Like won't there be a lot extra animals around and would this make us less caring about them since they aren''t gonna be our primary source of food.
Another thing i wanna know is why are we spending some much money on stuff like this when we need to be focusing on lowering the taxes and gas prices and getting the economy back on trace.
I probably wouldn't buy this or eat it more than once like i would try it but keep it plain simple and original with real meat if i had the choice. This isn't gonna be possible for another 20 or so years so they can keep working on it but i'm gonna keep eating meat from God's provisions to us. Well thats my response Miss James put this extra sentence to make it a whole paragraph i hope it counts and good bye.

Carlos Washington
05/02/2012 10:27pm

This new invention can be a good thing and a bad thing. the good thing is that they dont have to kill any animals. These hamburgers will be fresh meat and not meat at local fast food resturants. Regular hamburgers cost like $1-$6 dollars but this hameburger is $330. This hameburger can be bad also because it can be poision. A hamburger that they made in a lab, you wouldnt find me eating it.These hamburgers can be safe but then again they might can not be safe.

This will not affect the animal breeding. They still can have babies but they wont be killed for their meat. If they grow the meat in the lab , animals wouldnt have to die so the animal population will increase if they grow meat in the lab. This is a product i will not like to try. Lab meat can be poisionous. Unless you cook it in my face , i do not want the hamburger. This is a good invention but its just not for me.

Aaron Goldson
05/02/2012 10:40pm

I think if scientist just prick the animals to get their cells than kill the animals, then the species of chickens, cows, and pigs might become over populated. I don't think its going to go over well. I think since people like to eat a lot of red meat and chicken, that this product might not sale to well because people like real meat. Even if it taste like real meat. Even if it taste like real meat, or looks like real meat, people still might not eat it because its not real meat. This might be a good idea for poor third world countries because their starving. But when it comes to americans, we are GREEDY. So we like real meat. Its nothing but a meat substitute. The length of time it takes to grow the meat, might effect how it sells in the next 40-50 years. In my personal opinion i would never eat this, because its not a real meat substance. i don't think anybody has really eaten a full meal of this, which means they might not know what long term effect it might have on their body. If i was the president i would outlaw this in america. I think when this comes out in the future its going to be a bust. In my opinion i don't think this should be sold or eaten. I just think this is a way for scientist to fill up their pockets. This fake meat isn't good.

Kiana Vega
05/03/2012 11:22am

This new idea can effect the future a lot.
Like the animal population would grow in rate than it is right now. you know since every one wont be killing all the animals if we all go through with this. it would also a lot of shut down of companies who thrive on killing and packaging the meat its crazy. The way we are use to eating dead animals from stores around the countries is gonna be crazy and weird because this will not be true real meat. And you don't even know if it will even taste the same. even though it looks the same inside and out.

I would probably try it once. I wouldn't consider my "new" meat. It just seems a little weird its not what we are all use to. and what if something goes wrong? What if they're side affects? We could get illnesses or even die for this new meat. there are endless possibilities and no matter how many tests its gone through something could always go wrong.

05/03/2012 3:22pm

Well there has been some successful experiments like sauerkraut is "acidic cabbage." It is the result of a natural fermentation by bacteria indigenous to cabbage in the presence of 2 to 3% salt. The fermentation yields lactic acid as the major product. This lactic acid, along with other minor products of fermentation, gives sauerkraut its characteristic flavor and the production of sauerkraut, mature cabbage heads are washed and shredded. The salt is mixed with the shredded cabbage to a final concentration of about 2.5%. The salted cabbage is then tightly packed into a tierce or crock. The cabbage is protected from air (oxygen) in a manner that will permit gases produced during the fermentation to escape. A temperature of about 70°F is preferred for the fermentation. About five weeks is required for a complete fermentation.
The salting of the cabbage serves two major purposes. First, it causes an osmotic imbalance which results in the release of water and nutrients from the cabbage leaves. The fluid expelled is an excellent growth medium for the microorganisms involved in the fermentation. It is rich in sugar and growth factors. Second, the salt concentration used inhibits the growth of many spoilage organisms and pathogens. It does not, obviously, inhibit the desired floral succession. As cabbage is approximately 90% water and the salt is dissolved entirely in the water, the actual salt concentration (brine strength) experienced by the microorganisms in their aquatic milieu is around 2.8%. Thorough and even distribution of the salt is critical. Pockets of low or high salt concentration would result in spoilage and/or lack of the desired fermentation This product may effect the future of animal breeding and meat consumption because of how it’s a new product and people love new products. I think that since this burger is stem cells and tissue made it may possibly have a reaction to people because all chemicals have reactions. In the picture that burger is huge but I would stick to beef and dead animal burgers. People killing animals is wrong but I’m not sure about how this cell and tissue made burger can help I think this is mainly for vegetarians because it has no meat in it. Ms.James would you eat this if it came into stores I don’t think I would it is lab made things could go wrong.
all this talk about foood is making me hungry

TyNesha Cannon
05/03/2012 3:49pm

Well, I am glad that the meat is healthy. Thy have been improving this meat for years and have made great progress. It is better for he environment and isnt killing as many cows which is definitely a plus. Also, it costs more money, but it's worth it in the end because I would be helping the environment.

I might eat this meat. The reasons i wouldn't is because it doesn't sound very tasteful or like i has any flavor. I really like meat and I would need it t meet the juicy and savory expectations of mine. I would eat this meatto help the environment. Another reason I would eat it is to try something new and to mayb have a healthier meat choice to eat.
Ok!!!! I will miss CCS when i move!!!! THIS IS MY BLOG!!

Cshon Byrams
05/03/2012 8:19pm

Well first hello. This is the smartest invention I have read. I also like how they said since the population is increasing people will be demanding more meat. That was a very smart detail they put in their article. Back in like the 90's scientist use to experiment everything for different types if food. Their would be a
Alot more animals not being killed for us to eat. I would try this after a couple try cause I don't if I'm allergic to any of the chemicals they put in it.
I really do believe I would try this. And I would get my family to do this too. I would convince them to help our world. I'm pretty sure that they would listen to me. I hope you listen to something new you guys. This article is pretty interesting. I enjoyed doing this. This is the best article I have read.

Nadira Cousins
05/03/2012 9:03pm

After reading this article, I was amazed at what is going on in a lab. Meat grown from scratch! Anyways, there were previous experiments that led up to this current testing now. In 1912, a French biologist named Alexis Carrel removed a heart from a chicken and kept it beating in a lab dish. This explained that a tissue can be kept alive, even if it is outside of the body. Twenty years later, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill announced optimism for lab grown meat. In that case, we wouldn't have any killing of an animal in the process of producing the meat to eat. Also, in the 1990's, NASA was interested in lab grown meat. This meat would be great for astronauts because it would provide protein to them. This new discovery of lab grown meat would affect the future of animal breeding and meat consumption by farmers raising livestock, but nobody is eating real meat. The population of livestock would increase a lot.

In my opinion, I would not want to try this product. Though, it seems all good to be true, I just wouldn't consume it. There are already meat substitutions out there that are obviously cheaper and meatless. The cost of one burger is $300,000! Too much for me! Yes, this experiment is pretty cool, but I just don't think I would consume this product. Well, I thank you Ms. James for putting up that article. It was really interesting.

Nathan Scott
05/03/2012 9:18pm

First of all I say this is pretty cool. If you can make meat without killing an animal you can help save a lot of animals. This product no normal person can use because it is so expensive. Right now this product is not really useful for people because it takes a while to make. This discovery in the future will save many animals but that won't be for a while. I think if this would get a lot cheaper it would be great for the world to stop killing animals.

Juwan Fleming
05/03/2012 9:23pm

I believe it weakens the animals because you have to take their blood. This is one of the reasons I wouldn’t by this item. I do believe it is hurting the animals and putting them in danger. I don’t like this idea of having meat.
This seems like this is a very creative way of eating. I do not believe that meat from scratch is exactly safe. Meat from scratch is made by using the animal’s blood cells and cost a lot of money. It cost more than some houses. I would rather have them kill the animal. Even if the meat from scratch was at a reasonable price I would not buy it.

Nathan Scott
05/03/2012 9:36pm

I would use this product. I would only use it if I had to. It supposed to feel like rubber. That is just weird. It does not come from an animal so I don't know what it tastes like. In a normal circumstances I would go for regular meat instead of homemade meat. If I got some for free I would try it. But the price is to high to do that. This is cool but I think I will stay with regular meat.

DJ Franklin
05/03/2012 9:45pm

This experiment they are doing seems to begin in the year 1912. Alexis Carrel found a way to tak a chiken's heart out and keep it beeting outside of the body. Then Churchill was pronouncing the idea. It was not until the study of goldfish filet that the idea of engineered meat became wider thought to people. To make this experiment succesful they have to start off with one cell and work their way up. Since the 1990's, scientist have tried to make meat in their laboratories. The more people there are, more of them would want food and they do not want to kill animals for that any more.

This can help animals in some ways. One way is the less they kill animals, the more livestock there is for farmers. Animals could live peacfully. Also, the animals will be able to populate the animal production if they are not killed. If people start to eat the engineered meat, they will eventually get use to it. I would not like to try this out. The reason is that there could be a malfunction in the meat making that could hurt a person very badly. Also, I do not eat burgers of any kind. So, this is my blog.

Patrick Walker
05/03/2012 10:09pm

This article was very interesting to read and it makes you think about how all of our food will be prepared in the futre. I think the discovery is cool, but the cost of the lab-grown meat is not affordable. One of the greatest discoveries would be not to kill animals for beef or poultry. There are several questions that come to my mind about this engineered meat. One question is how will it taste and smell? Will it be healthy for you if you eat it on a regular basis? Will it be easily available to my mom when she is ready to buy some of it from the grocery store? Will other countries accept this new form of meat?

There is no doubt that this will be alot better for the animals and a less need to kill them. I am excited that scientist are thinking about the future of animals and our planet. I would not want to try this lab-grown meat because I am so use to eating animal meat. While I am not a big beef eater, I do eat chicken and fish. Because of our growing population, I think it is a great idea to test out new ideas well inadvance. The world of science is always changing. I can't wait to see what will be next!

kayla cross
05/03/2012 10:23pm

I think it's a great idea. Yet I'm not willing to pay the price. I think it's a great thing the animals get to live. But honestly who is going to buy it. The common person doesn't have money like that to
waste on meat.

I think the only thing that will benefit from this s the animals. Even though I have no idea what kind of shape the animals are in, after the procedure. I think it would be a great success if they just lowered the prices.

Donovan Steward
05/06/2012 9:59pm

This will affect in a good way. I think this because instead of killing the animals you can make it from scratch. Killing animals isnt good. It is making animals extinct. If people keep killing animals for food the animals wont be here anymore. I would like to try this item. If it is good then i will keep using it. If it is nasty ill stop and tell my friends not to use it.

This can affect animal breeding because if you kill a lot of male animals the males will be gone and then the females wont be able to breed. Then the animals will go extinct and there will be no babies. It wont be enough meat made for consumption. If your able to make meat from scratch you wont have to worry about breeding or killing animals. You just need to make it from scratch. Making meat from scratch means you can have meat whenever you need it from the store. Making meat will help the future will help the future!!!!

05/17/2012 8:39pm

I think this product would highly affect in a good way. This would provide the killing of less animals used for meat. This would also help the animals. There would be more products of that animal and less killing. I would like to try making meat from scratch. It seems nice to try and it can help the circle of life.


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