Read the article "Meat From Scratch"

Respond to the above article in 2 complete paragraphs (7-9 sentences each).  Consider previous experiments that lead to this discovery.  How may this affect the future of animal breeding and meat consumption?  Is this a product you would like to try?  Why or why not?
Check out the following article and answer the following questions by midnight on 4.16.12.  Responses must be in paragraph form, 2 paragraphs, 5-7 sentences each.  No text talk and use proper grammar.

What is your opinion on this new invention?  Is this product a great new concept?  Would you invest in this vehicle? Why or why not?  What is its cost and do you think that this will eventually be available to a wide range of consumers (all economic levels)?  What are the pros? Cons?  What do you see as other advances as it comes to transportation in the future?

8th grade- add the following to your paragraphs= How could the aerodynamics be improved?  Are there other options that you would considered in making a vehicle "take flight"?