Go to the above website and read the article "First Truly Habitable Planet Discovered, Experts Say".  Write 2 paragraphs (5-7 sentences each) addressing the following points:

1.  Explain what a "goldilocks planet" is.
2.  What is the name of the planet?
3.  How far from Earth is this planet?
4.  Why was is considered inhabitable at first when discovered (tell me what year it was discovered)?
5.  Are there any other planets scientists think may be inhabitable?
6.  Would you live on or visit this planet? Why or Why not?
7.  What do you think about alien life forms?

Post your response by midnight 4.4.12

Read the article below and post a response to the question using proper grammar by midnight 11 March 2012.  Remember paragraphs must be 5-7 sentences long and use proper grammar (capitalization, punctuation and spelling, NO TEXT TALK).

Would you use this product why or why not?  Also, What is the component that allows the spray become a usuable fabric?