Each class please visit your respective class page.
Due to the fact that many students did not get the message that there would be a blog post over the break I have deceide to wait to I will post the article soon.

Read the article above and answer the following questions:

How does HIV/AID affect the human immune system?
What makes this recent research unique?
What is the potential weakness in this research?
What was the test subject? And why was this choice made?
What is the next step for the future research in the area of HIV/AIDS?
What may this research mean for HIV/AIDS patients?

Read the article "Meat From Scratch"

Respond to the above article in 2 complete paragraphs (7-9 sentences each).  Consider previous experiments that lead to this discovery.  How may this affect the future of animal breeding and meat consumption?  Is this a product you would like to try?  Why or why not?
Check out the following article and answer the following questions by midnight on 4.16.12.  Responses must be in paragraph form, 2 paragraphs, 5-7 sentences each.  No text talk and use proper grammar.

What is your opinion on this new invention?  Is this product a great new concept?  Would you invest in this vehicle? Why or why not?  What is its cost and do you think that this will eventually be available to a wide range of consumers (all economic levels)?  What are the pros? Cons?  What do you see as other advances as it comes to transportation in the future?

8th grade- add the following to your paragraphs= How could the aerodynamics be improved?  Are there other options that you would considered in making a vehicle "take flight"?

Go to the above website and read the article "First Truly Habitable Planet Discovered, Experts Say".  Write 2 paragraphs (5-7 sentences each) addressing the following points:

1.  Explain what a "goldilocks planet" is.
2.  What is the name of the planet?
3.  How far from Earth is this planet?
4.  Why was is considered inhabitable at first when discovered (tell me what year it was discovered)?
5.  Are there any other planets scientists think may be inhabitable?
6.  Would you live on or visit this planet? Why or Why not?
7.  What do you think about alien life forms?

Post your response by midnight 4.4.12

Read the article below and post a response to the question using proper grammar by midnight 11 March 2012.  Remember paragraphs must be 5-7 sentences long and use proper grammar (capitalization, punctuation and spelling, NO TEXT TALK).

Would you use this product why or why not?  Also, What is the component that allows the spray become a usuable fabric?

Please note that I will give you an extra week for submitting a response to this article.

Read the article in the link and respond.  Do you drink energy drinks? If so have you experienced the side effects?  After reading this article did you change your opinion of energy drinks?  Why or Why not?

Remember that a paragraph is 5-7 complete sentences!

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