Dear 11th grade,

Read the following article titled "Shape-Shifting Mobile Devices"
and watch the youtube video cited in the article (at the end of the article there is a link to the video).  Answer the questions below in paragraph form, using complete sentences with proper grammar.

1.  What is your opinion of this new technology?
2.  Would this be an item you would use? Why or why not?
3.  What do you find most benificial concerning this device?
4.  What do you think would be a major drawback?
5.  State any suggestions you would have for the creators of this device.

The response is due 05 May 2013 by 10:00PM
Lionel Milbourne
5/2/2013 06:15:11 am

My opinion on this new technology is, "here comes a new company with a new tech that will want even more money!" This item would not be used if it was given to me to even test because i see no reason for it right now. All of the tech we have now the Tablets,iPhones, 1080i Laptop sreen resolution is great enough. I just think that this new product is stupid...

LaChelle Core
5/2/2013 12:58:17 pm

1. I don't have a strong opinion on this technology I believe it's just another attention grabber for the media and any equal competitors.
2. I would not use this item, maybe out of curiosity I would pick it up but I wouldnt trade it for my apple products.
3. This product could have a plethora of benefits the fact that it seems like it could be so versitile caught my attention. A gamer would apprereciate that it is able to morph into a controller and a CEO would be proud to have a blackberry and stressball all in one. In my opinion it all depends on whats appealing to the users eye
4. A major set back I think could be the creators try to incorporate to much at one time or rush when it's not perfected
5. I would say "Less is more" or "A little goes a long way".

Nerina Cella
5/3/2013 06:20:26 am

1. These new devices might just be popular in the near future, only because it is something that no one has seen or heard of before. I would probably be curious about how it works, but I wouldn't want one for myself. It doesn't make me want to purchase one.
2. If I was given this device as a gift and I knew more about its different features then yes I would use it. However, by reading this article it wouldn't persuade me to buy one.
3. The most beneficial aspect of this new product is that it can change its shape with any feature you choose it to do. That makes these devices very innovative and extremely interesting. If this product was out right now, I'm almost positive tons of people will get rid of their iPhones and buy one.
4. Something that wouldn't be good for this device is getting too many customers at once. For example, when iPhone first came out, apple was going through technical difficulties because of the servers being over capacity.. The same could happen with these except worse difficulties since it changes its shape and it requires more complex things to make.
5. I would tell the creators to start making devices that aren't as complex and require too much construction to begin with. If those are best sellers, then make these devices which can change shape and change whatever else they like. Starting small and continuing to improve what you started with will definitely benefit them in the end.

Nigel Read
5/4/2013 12:53:42 pm

1. Although I am interested in new technology that is developed every day, I am weary of how successful this new development is going to work out in the future.

2. I personally would not use this new development because in my eyes, it will still be considered a prototype. This will be a huge jump from today's smartphones like iPhone and Androids. I have learned in the past to skip upgrades whether it is hardware, or software, or both. I say this because with new features, new "bugs" and "kinks" that are never anticipated in the developing stage will arise. I would advise waiting at least a couple of months for the company to get all of the technical difficulties eradicated. In addition, the price will dramatically increase due to the amount of work, and materials needed to build the device.

3. The only benefit I see from owning a device like this is security. As more phones are developed with Internet capability, more people are shopping online, checking their bank accounts, or viewing their best friend’s pictures on Instagram. No one wants all that information seen when someone is sitting next to you on the bus, train, or other widely public areas.

4. In terms of a drawback, I think the first one will be about the stability of the phone. How well will this phone perform in excruciating conditions like against a drop on concrete. I would assume that if this phone had the ability to change shape, you would need to have a case that can change to any shape, which in my opinion is extremely difficult or nearly impossible. We all want a phone that can take a little scratch every now and then and if we are lucky, survive a serious drop on concrete pavement. While reading, I noticed that with this phone, you had the ability to download an app that could change the phones shape to have a better experience. My major concern if the phone had the ability to form into a weapon like a knife based off an application like the Swiss Army, which is known for its small utilities built in. How would that work out in today's society? Whether or not the material is strong enough to make an incision to the human body, you would not want a toddler playing with his parent's phone not realizing that there was a possibility that the child could injure himself. I am sure that these scientists will have to place some restrictions on what shapes the phone can make.

5. I suggest a couple of recommendations for the creators. First off, I would consider the fact that this is a huge jump from what a plethora of people are used to in terms of phones; they need to research and estimate the approximate amount of users who would actually use this device. In addition, another thing to consider is the Operating System; it is great that the phone can bend its screen from prying eyes but what about from a cyber-security level. Currently, Samsung (and soon, Apple) has the approval for employees at the Department of Defense to use their devices instead of Blackberry. How will these "Morphees" work from a security standpoint for the government, and other major companies? If they claim that "Morphees" will be one the next generation of mobile devices, surely they must take into account more than the just shape shifting. If not, then I will gladly stay with my iPhone. iPhones are better than Android anyway.

Alexis Lee
5/4/2013 02:17:27 pm

1) This new technology to me is dumb because it only shape lifts the device at various times. I find it intriguing though that someone came up with this idea because it's brand new and original. However, I am not persuaded to try one and like my phone better.
2) I probably would not use this product simply because to me it does not do much at all. Every time a new device comes out, everyone wants it. Then something else comes out and everyone wants that thing. My point is, why waste money on something that eventually will be outdated by something new. I am content with the apple products I have now.
3) I think this device is beneficial in that it changes form on numerous occasions whether its for privacy or a stress reliever ball. I have never heard of a device like this and obviously the creator used these methods to get your attention in hope that a customer looking to buy something new would buy the product. It's about personal satisfaction and money, which is what a business needs to successfully flourish.
4) A drawback to me would be overcapacity because everyone would be using this brand new product and people will begin to return the product based on technical interferences. Therefore, the business itself may go downhill because people would complain of troubles it causing. Another drawback would be the actual foundation of the phone because if you drop it, it could break easily. If its not waterproof, it would cause issues as well.
5) My suggestions for the creator of this device is to make a reasonable price for it. I would hate to buy it and realize it was a waste of money and that I could have gotten something better. Next, advertising is crucial. If you want me to buy your product I need to show me everything the device will give me. My last suggestion would be to expand the product and make other products to do different things other than simply reshaping because it would get boring after awhile.

5/4/2013 09:40:03 pm

1. This new development in technology seems pretty cool because this hasn't been seen before. However, i do not think it will do very well on the market because of everyone's love for their iPhones and androids.

2. I would not buy this because it seems like a waste of money. I also feel like it's a downgrade from my iPhone. But, if I were to buy it, I would wait a few months just in case there were anything wrong with the device.

3. What's more beneficial from this product is its privacy feature. I like that you can bend the phone to keep your information on the phone private. Also I like how it could form into a stress ball when needed to.

4. A drawback for me is how good of quality would this be. You can buy something that is still relatively expensive but the quality could be cheap. Also, how would the pricing be on a product with those types of features. Another thing is that the company may not be able to fix the issues of the phone.

5. My advice to the product makers is to price very reasonably because this would draw in more consumers. Another thing would be to know how to fix your products. And lastly, properly advertise your product.

5/5/2013 12:25:55 am

1. I'm not much of a huge "technology geek" I guess you could say, so I'm not really fond of this new creation. I'm not interested in it and therefore would never buy one for myself. However, I do think that the creator of this is very original for coming up with an idea such as this.

2. Again, I would never use this item. I don't find it intriguing... it did not "wow" me. I honestly think it would be a waste of time and money. If I saw it in stores, I would probably pick it up out of curiosity, but I would not dare get trade that in place of my iPhone! :-)

3. I guess the only benefit comes from the purpose as to why it was created - it can change shapes. A gamer would have more interest in it being that in can change into the shape of a controller. The device can also collapse in on itself into a stressball.

4. In terms of a drawback, I think the first one will be about the stability of the phone. How well would it be able to sustain, say a drop on concrete or something? Will it break on instant? Or will it maintain itself? Another drawback... for instance when the iPhone first came out it attracted millions. The iPhone crashed a lot being that too many users were buying and using it, overcrowding the server. Would the same thing be true of this new device?

5. I don't know that I have any suggestions for the creators... it's just a big jump from what we as people are used to today like iPhones, Androids, etc. They could've started with smaller steps to get to the big place they are. Like maybe having first just an iPhone be able to change into a plethora of shapes if the owner so chooses to have it do so and then eventually it becomes this new device that changes shape of instant. Again, I'm just not a fan and wouldn't buy it.

Taylor Solmon
5/5/2013 01:30:48 am

1. In my opinion, this shape shifting technology seems unrealistic. i dont understand, it seems like some alien type stuff you see in movies, I do believe that in science and modern technology, people do have the ability to change the normal things that our devices do. It just seems like a unrealistic goal they are trying to achieve.

2. NO, i ould not use this item. I dont need any surprises if im using the thing and it just changed shapes, noooo thanks. Plus it probably costs a billion dollars.

3. I find most beneficial from this device that it seems pretty cool, i guess to have a "shape shifting" phone, im not going to lie, its really cool. It reminds me of like the Jeffersons or somthing.

4. A major problem for this device, I think is how fast it could go out of stock, and any physical problems in the device. Modern technology almost alays has problems. If the phone is changing shapes, and something happens in the app, if it crashes or something and the shape of the phone gets all jumbled... thats going to b a problem for any company selling the phone.

5. If i could suggest anything to the creators of the phone, I say to install something in the phone so that if something does go wrong in the shaping and how it changes, let the phone have an option to turn the shape changing on and off. And for it to automatically turn for the times during the phones problems so the shaping doesnt get messed up. I also recommend having elastic cases for the phone, because most likely the phone is going to be expensive, and the company is going to have to produce its cases specially made for the phone.

Imani Pinkston
5/5/2013 01:32:09 am

1) Personally, I like this invention because it is unlike anything I have ever seen and it is very original.

2) I would not use this item simply because it doesn't seem like it would be beneficial to me. Being as though, I'm not a "tech savvy" person, this object would have little to no affect on me.

3) The most beneficial aspect of this item, would definitely be its ability to change shapes. That makes the object seem very interesting. Something I noticed while watching the video included in the article was, in event of the object changing shapes it hides information that you don't want to be seen by anyone other than you. It provides a great sense of security.

4) A major drawback could possibly be a lack of good quality. Will the object perform to the best of it's ability? Usually when technology comes out for the first time, the devices experience a lot of "bugs" and glitches which will ultimately make the buyers extremely upset.

5) I would suggest that the creators take a moment to think about how to appeal to buyers. A morphing phone isn't the first thing people think of when they talk about the next generation of phones. A lot of people won't really be impressed with having a phone that can turn into a stress ball, or maybe it's just me.

devante williams
5/5/2013 03:58:13 am

1.I feel that this would be the an amazing advance that many would enjoy.
2.yes,I would use this. Since I used my phone for everything and sometimes my phone does not fit my needs so this would fit my needs.
3.I. find the flexibility of this device a major benifit because it changes to fit the situation.
4. One major drawback is the flexibily. If it is bent passed it natural point than it might rip or break then no more phone

devante williams
5/5/2013 03:59:48 am

5. I would suggest a more sturdy material that is also flexible

5/5/2013 06:31:15 am

1. I find this invention very useful because if have everything in this one shape shifting device we don't have to worry about carry around all this other stuff.
2. I would use this as a cellphone, a laptop, and a GPS because these the most important technologies to me.
3. I think the most beneficial thing about this is you can save space and time in carry extra stuff around.
4. A major drawback would be figuring out how to get the device to work on which "mode" you want it to.
5. My suggestion is to make they know how to make the device to actually shape shift into what people wanted.

Rachel Layne
5/5/2013 08:39:30 am

1. I feel as though that this new "shape-shifting" cellphone is original. Instead of having the same things that the iPhone's and the androids have, and just perfecting the same thing, it has a totally different focus. iPhone's and androids are more known for its apps and other great technology. This "shape-shifting" phone is focused on the fact that the phone is flexible and can for, into different shapes. So, yes i think it is unique but i feel like its not going to go far.
2. No, i don't think i would use this item. I wouldn't use it because firstly, from watching the videos the things the phone "morphed" into would not be beneficial for me. Also, it looks unrealistic and cheap (I don't think it could sustain much and it would break easily).
3. I think the best thing about this new phone is the security and privacy that it allows you to have. For instance, in the video the lady was typing in a password for her bank. With this phone, it allowed her to fold the screen so no one could see what she typed in. also, it may be fun to see the different shapes it could turn into,
4. To me there could be a couple drawbacks. Firstly, to me it looked cheap. I feel like the quality of the object would not be as much as the price. Secondly, i feel like if an app crashes or you try to morph shapes to quickly the whole phone will just shut down and be stuck in a messed up shape. Finally, I'm wondering if the phone is so focused on the shapes it forms, how are the other parts of the phone going to work? I feel like they focused so much on drawing attention to the fact that it changes shapes but what happens if the other apps and the internet is slow?
5. My suggestion to the creators of this device is make sure that they have ALL of the phone working well enough to sell so that they don't have complaints and so they don't have little sell on this new item.

5/5/2013 08:56:40 am

1. As far as my opinion on this new technology I'm very skeptical about this product. Maybe this product could be a big hit in another ten to fifteen years or so but not within these next five years. I do not find the product very interesting because it does not seem practical and it also does not seem reliable. What if the new device gets stuck In a position? I just would not invest my money in it.

2. No this product would not be an item that I would use. At least not in this moment. I do not find it intriguing or practical. The "morphee" seems like another product apple or some company would come up with to lure more money out of eager, naive, paying customers. I mean is really necessary to have a cell phone that bends?

3. The most beneficial feature concerning this product would be depending on which way the object bends it could give the customer more privacy. It can also entertain the customer better than a standard smart phone.

4. A major drawback about this product would be what happens if you drop the product or get it wet and it is in the middle of shape shifting? Would it get stuck half way as a bouncy ball and half way as a cell phone? Also if you damage the phone in any type of way and you take it the phone company not every employee will have mastered the system of the phone. There fore making it difficult to fix.

5. How long would it take for this product to be mass produced? What company would it be under first? What inspired the design/idea of this product?

Tiara Francis
5/5/2013 09:32:32 am

1.) My opinion on the new technology , is that , the devices that we already have keep improving . There are some that interest me but others just don't . This new technology just happens to be one that I don't like , because I really don't see the need for it .

2.) No ! I don't think i would use this product Because I already don't like it , and how would the whole thing be able to fit into your pocket , it will not be beneficial to me .

3. The only thing I find beneficial about this product is that the privacy for other people viewing my information , that should not be displayed .

4.) A major draw back would be the protection of the phone , I'll it survive against a drop on a hard surface . Another thing is I'm pretty sure that the changing shape will need to be powered by something , so you will have to carry around something else along with the phone . Lastly something you would have to worry about Is the the electricity harming you , in the process of changing shapes ?

5.) I would suggest to the creators to make this device safer . Advertise it to make the people who see it really want it . My suggestions to the buyer is to research and know exactly what you are buying before you purchase it

5/5/2013 10:41:46 am

1. My opinion on this new technology is that it is very inventive! The people who came up with it were very smart, but we need more minds like this in medical fields helping to look for the cure for cancers.
2. This would not be an item that I would use because I really don't need a phone to do a lot of things for me. I have game systems, so why do I need my phone to morph into one? Plus the materials to flimsy for me I would like a more solid phone than that.
3. The only thing that would be pretty beneficial is the possibility of privacy on your phone when you're typing in something important. But even there you have a loophole because people will be around you most of the time, there aren't many instances when you have to type something in on your phone and you'll be against a wall.
4. The major drawback for this device would be it's flexibility. You can't really make sturdy, solid devices be able to morph like that, it's just not in it's properties for a solid to bend unless flexible enough to.
5. For the creators of this device I'd suggest to just find another way to put that technology to use, because I highly doubt that someone would buy a thin phone that morphs, I wouldn't be pleased with it and I believe others wouldn't be also.

Kathryn Nielson
5/5/2013 11:01:33 am

1. In my opinion this new technology is almost pointless. As if they are only making it to make it, to get peoples attention. I don't think it will be very effective and it doesn't really seem like something people would buy.
2. I wouldn't buy this product. It's just another thing that people are trying to make money off of. I don"t see the purpose of it and I don't think i would ever need it.
3. I think that really, the only beneficial thing about this device would be that it is different and will definitely get people attention, which might be the point. It's like nothing anyone has ever seen before, and is good for publicity.
4. The drawback would be it is brand new so how well would it work? And would it be stable after a certain amount of time? Would it last long? You can't be sure when it is a brand new product. Also, It seems like this would be a cheap and tacky looking device and the way it looks will make a big difference in whether or not people buy it.
5. I would say to make devices that were not as complicated. Trying to put to much into one device isn't convenient. It will only confuse people.

Deja Ross
5/5/2013 11:30:07 am

I believe this could be a very efficient product. The device has much potential for future concepts. With more work to get the device to be more attractive to the public, I believe this device could become a success.

2. I do think this would be something i would use often. The device seems to provide a better attempt for safety, more interactive applications between phone and user, and the idea all around is very creative. This device, if it would be a phone. would possibly be a next phone option for me in the future.

3. I believe the most beneficial aspect of this device eould be the flexibility feature, especially during the password input process. It provides for extra security around fellow on-lookers.

4. I believe the only major drawback on this product would be the appereance of the item. If they should upgrade and make it mote presentable, they may see more income.

5. The only flaws i see in the phone is its design. However, the phones main purpose is to shape-shift. For all that i might as well stick to the phone I currently have.

alexis lancaster
5/5/2013 11:52:40 am

1. I personally think that this new technology could be very cool but to me through reading this it also sounds very weird. It is weird to think of a phone shifting the way that it looks for things but it is very interesting an.
2. I would probably not use this item becasue there are not many things that I would do that the shape shifting aspect of the phone would be useful with.
3. The most benificial aspect of this device if the fact that the phone can bend itself when typing in a password so that noone else can see your password. This can be very useful becuase people are always worried about others seeing their password and they spend money on reflectos and things like that so that people can not see their screan. Now their phone can just bend itself and people do not have to spend money on things like that anoymore.
4. One of the major drawbacks of the phone would be the flexability. Someone will try to bend their phone not knowing how far it will bend and they will break it. Im sure many people will do that causing them to break their phones and having to purchase another one, Another drawback was that the phone looked cheap. It did not look like a phone that anyone would want to have.
5. I would suggest to the creators of this phone just to rethink the whole thing. The should think about how people are going to be excited that their phone bends and shape shifts and are going to try to do things with it that it can not do and break it. One thing that was talked about alot through out the article was the fact that if you are playing a ga,e your phone can change into the shape of a controller. So to me that seems like they are targeting teanagers as their main customer so they should also rethink the design.
State any suggestions you would have for the creators of this device


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