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09/26/2010 10:57am

Hey, ms.j i dont undersatand how to do the velocity and acceleration formulas or how to do them

C James
09/26/2010 8:24pm


You have the formulas in the book. v=d/t and a=v/t.

So for the first problem:
A body with an initial velocity of 8 m/s move with a constant acceleration and travels 640 meters in 40 seconds. Find the acceleration.
a=v/t and v=d/t
vi= 8 m/s
t= 40 m
d= 640 m

first you will want to find the overall velocity
v= 640 m/40 s
v= 16 m/s

Then find the acceleration
a= 16 m/s/40 s
a= 0.4 m/s^2

09/27/2010 6:59pm

Hey, Ms.J thanks for the help. I have another question. Did you answer the questions to the practice problems on the blog, if so where are they because I did not know where to go to find them.


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