Sorry for the delay.  Here is the list of students and your respective elements for the element project.  If you do not see your name on the list I did not get your element, you will need to see me on Monday to choose an element.

Aaron: Mercury, Plutonium
Alonzo: Flourine, Chlorine
Chloe: Silver
Christian: Platinum, Osmium
Cody: Nitrogen, Silicon
Danyel: Hydrogen, Lead
Darrell: Radium
DJ: Zinc
Donovan: Aluminum
Elijah: Uranium, Neptunium
Evan: Nickel, Californium
Jalen: Thallium, Einsteinium
Jalyn: Calcium
Jeremiah:  Sodium, Chromium
Justin: Magnesium
Kamill: Gold
Kania: Iodine
Kaela: Potassium, Vanadium
Kayla: Krypton
Kiana: Lithium, Zirconium
Lauren: Copper, Helium
Leah: Tin
Madison: Technetium
Marcus: Carbon, Radon
Maya:  Iron, Boron
Rhenard: Sulfur
Romon: Neon, Phosphorous
Terrell: Titanium
Terrence: Oxygen
Zion: Xenon



04/17/2012 4:13pm

can the project have a table of contents please answer back by tomorrow or tell me please thank you

04/18/2012 3:18pm

ms james i had boron and magnesium

C James
04/18/2012 9:13pm

Justin, I have you for Magnesium, but I have Maya for Boron. Please see me in the morning.


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