Complete you activity and turn in activity manual for a quiz grade by no later than tomorrow.

Complete the worksheets for class on Tuesday and study for the test.  Remember the test is Tuesday.  Chapter 5
Force, Mass, Acceleration, Weight, Gravity

REMEMBER: A weight is a special case of force.

example 1: what is the mass of a 200. kg object? 
                          200. kg

example 2: what is the weight of a 200. kg object?

                 weight = mass x gravity
                    200. kg x 9.8 m/s2 =
                    1960 kg m/s2 = 
                1960 newtons

example 3: what is the mass of a 200. newton object?
                 mass = weight / gravity      
                    200. kg m /s2 / 9.8 m/s2 =
                    20.4 kg

example 4:  A little boy pushes a wagon with his dog in it. The mass of the dog and wagon together is 45 kg. The wagon accelerates at 0.85 m/s2. What force is the boy pulling with?

m = 45 kg
a = 0.85 m/s^2
F = ?
F = ma

F = (45 kg)(0.85 m/s^2)
F = 38.25 N
review Chapter 5 and complete #24-26 in Chapter 5 Chapter Review
Review the Chapter and complete the worksheet
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Read pp 113-117 and complete worksheet
Read 108-112 and complete worksheet
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Read pp 104-108 and complete 5A section review

Class 8A- remember that your homework includes 10.1.10 and 10.2.10- please refer to Homework 10.2.10 for your other assignment