Study Chapter 6 for the test on Tuesday.  See the homework post from yesterday for the power point
Review the chapter (6) and complete the worksheets

When converting from grams to kilograms divide by 1000 (remember smaller unit to a bigger unit divide, bigger unit to a smaller unit multiply).
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Review Chapter 6 and complete the worksheets
Review chapter 6 and complete worksheets
Read pp 133-137 and complete worksheet
Read pp 138-141and complete worksheets
read pp 136-137 and complete #1-3 section 6B review
read pp 133-136 and complete section 6 A review
Read pp 130-132.

If you did not turn in your velocity project do so as soon as possible it is -10 points each day late!!!!!
Here is a copy of the velocity/acceleration project in case you need an extra
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