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Questions to answer.  Questions must be answered in complete sentences.

1.  At what time frame does Carbon-14 completely become eliminated from an organism? (How old will an organism be when the C-14 is all gone?)

2.  What is the measured half life of C-14?  What does C-14 degrade to?

3.  Under "Dating Methods Conflict" what material do scientist believe is millions of years old that still has C-14 present?

4.  In the statment "If the scientist did not realize that the pre-Flood 14C/C ratio was hundreds of times smaller than today’s value, he would calculate the animal’s age to be approximately..." how old would carbon dating age the animal and when could the animal have died?

5.  Tell me how this article has affected your thinking on evolution and the old earth theory?
4/13/2013 05:51:57 am

1:103,140 years. 2:5,730 years. nitrogen 3:sedimentary rocks 4: 51,570 years old already dead 5: that they didn't think things all the way through and their information is not solid evidence.

4/15/2013 10:12:43 am

1.The article says "it will not be detectable in a specimen that is older than about 103,140 years
2.Half life is 5,730 years and it goes back into Nitrogen
3.Sedimentary rocks are millions of years old also
4.He would count the age of an animal to be 51,570 years old
5.No man knows exactly when the earth was created only God knows that. Sometimes science can be wrong also

4/16/2013 08:20:54 am

1.It's about 103,140 years old.
2.The measured half life is 5,730 years. but it degrades back to Nitrogen.
3.Sedimentary rocks are rocks that are millions of years ol and still has C-14 in them.
4.It would be 51,570 years old.
5.I believe that evolution is something that's proven. But you can not prove all science. So in this case I believe evolutionist are wrong.

4/16/2013 08:26:05 am

1. It takes some time for the structure to complete. So when the neutrons start to collide they form a mixture of nitrogen and carbon, which cause photosynthesis forms, which we receive by eating plants. It would take 103,140 years.
2.Half life is 5,730 years and it goes back into Nitrogen.
3.Scientist believes is millions of years old that still has C-14 present, are the one and only Sedimentary rocks.
4.If the science/ history weren’t discovered they would’ve never figured out how to actually calculate the approximate that age of 51,570 years old.
5.It shows that scientist can do all the research they would like but will still NEVER know the true or specific date for anything; only our God can determine the true date and will know will all things will come to an end, which is amazing knowing that He is The all knowing and all powerful God that He is.

4/16/2013 09:01:32 am

1. Carbon 14 would be completely eliminated for about 103,140 years.
2.The measured half-life of C-14 is 5,730 years. Carbon-14 degrades to C-7.
3. Carbon has been detected in diamonds, which is 'supposedly' a million years old.
4.The animal's age would have been about 51,570 years old and it could have died just then.
5.It has affected me by seeing different views of how evolution started; but to me nobody can figure out the exact time the earth was formed because they were not there when God created it.

4/16/2013 09:42:52 am

1. When the organism is 103,134 years old, all of the Carbon-14 should be completely gone from the organism. But this isn’t the case all of the time. Some organisms that are millions or billions years old still have some Carbon-14 left in them.

2. The measured half life of C-14 is C-7 and the C-14 will degrade to nitrogen.

3. Scientist believe that materials such as diamonds and sedimentary rocks still have C-14 left in them

4. The carbon dating would have aged the animal 51, 570 years and the animal, possibly, could’ve died recently.

5. People have their different views on whether evolution is real or not, but this article cant prove that it isn’t real. Neither the evolutionist nor the scientist can prove everything that happened. They weren’t there then and the people who were there cant tell us either, because they are dead and the numbers have probably changed from then and now. Only God knows what the real truth is because He knows everything.

4/16/2013 11:30:44 am

1. 103,140 years is around the time frame it would take for complete elimination of 14C in an organism.
2. 5,730 years. Because of the unstability of the 14C, it would decay back into Nitrogen.
3. Sedimentary rocks( mainly diamonds) are believed to be millions of years old with 14C still in them.
4.With precise calculations, a person would say the animal was 51,570 years old. The animal could have died in any recent time.
5. It shows that people are finding new "proof" that will deny the existence of God, but their proof doesn't matter.

Christopher O.
4/16/2013 11:30:47 am

1. No C-14 should be detectable after 103,140 years.
2. C-14 has a half-life of about 5,730 years and decays into nitrogen due to its instability.
3. Many believe sedimentary rocks (and igneous rocks in general) are millions of years old after performing radioisotope methods (though it also says C-14 has been found in diamonds).
4. The animal would have aged 51,570 even though it just died and could only have died 4,500 years ago (or is it 4500 BC?).
5. It seems that evolution does not have all the answers and that science is slowly finding more evidence to support creationism and an approximately 6,000 year old Earth. This didn't really change my beliefs since I already do believe in Creation and a young Earth, but evidence (or perhaps they are just hypotheses) like this would probably embarrass an evolutionist who believes in the old Earth theory when the rocks are not "dead" of radiocarbon. No human could have all the answers.

dakota :)
4/16/2013 12:55:41 pm

1. when the C-14 is all gone it will be 103,140
2.the half like of C-14 is 5,730 years and it degrades back to nitrogen
3. many scientist believe that it is Sedimentary rocks and diamonds,are millions of years old
4. the animal would have aged 51,570 years
5. God is the only one that knows everything about the earth and the scientists only know what God wants them to know. no one can know more than God. certain theory's just arent even close to right.

Nia W.
4/16/2013 12:57:20 pm

1.)C-14 completely is eliminated from an organism in 103,140 years.

2.)The measured half-life of C-14 is 5,730 years.C-14 degrades to Nitrogen.

3.)The material that scientist believe C-14 is still present is in diamonds.

4.)The animals age approximately would be 51,570 years. The animal might have died recently.

5.)No, this article has not affected my view of evolution because there is purpose for everything that has happened in the world according to God. So I won't question why this or that happened because i know it was for a purpose. Because if those specific events didn't happen we wouldn't have the technology as well as other nice things. So I'm very content with knowing how God created the world without the extra reasonings that scientists give.

4/16/2013 01:12:20 pm

1.About 103-140 years.
2. C-7 is half life of c-14, and C-14 degrades to nitrogen.
3. Scientists believe that sedimentary rocks are millions of years old along with the organic remains that are found within them, and also diamonds which they claim are blillions years old.
4. The animal would be approximately 51,570 years old, even though it had just died 4,500 years ago.
5. Reading this article showed me that though evolution seems like it could be accurate, it's actually not. But everyone has their own beliefs. Scientists came up with these different statistics and theories, but have yet to actually prove it successfully.

4/17/2013 02:23:40 am

1.103,140 years
2. the measured half life is 5,730 years and it degrades to nitrogen
3. igneous and sedimentary rocks.
4. 51,570 years and it died during the Flood
5. It did'nt really changed my view on evolution that much. I think evolution and old earth theory is just a bunch of assumptions that do not make any sense

4/21/2013 05:59:09 am

I agree that human beings do not have all of the answers. The scientists have a limited understanding on things they research.

4/17/2013 06:53:32 am

1. 103,430 years is when carbon 14 is completely eliminated
2. the half life is 5,730 years and the cabon degrades to nitrogen
3. the sedimentary rocks which are millions of years old on earth and diamonds also
4.The count would be 51,570 years for the animals
5.This article never affected my opinion on evolution becuase even though scientist try, it is still not reasonable for that belief to happen. We all should believe that God created the earth because scientists have not any proof or real significance to prove the evolution theory or the old earth theory.

Chris Burton
4/17/2013 09:02:24 am

1. After 103,140 years no C-14 should be detectable.
2. The measured half life of C-14 is 5,730 years and carbon degrades to nitrogen.
3. Scientist believe sedimentary rocks are millions of years old on earth,
4. The animals age would be 51,570 years old.
5. This article has not affected my thinking process at all on evolution and the old earth theory because I know the truth which is that God created earth and everything on and around it!

Nia D
4/17/2013 11:57:19 pm

Sorry Mrs. James I was unaware that we had to do this
2.half of life is 5,730 years and it degrades to nitrogen
3. Sedimentary rocks are millions of years old and diamonds too
4. 51,570
5. We should all believe that God created man

4/29/2013 07:59:54 am

1) 103,140 years old
2) its half life is 5,730 years while it degrdes to nitrogen
3) sedimemtary rocks which are very old and also in diamonds.
4) the animal was about 51,570 years old and could have died about 4,500
5) this article has affected my thinking based on the evolution of man and how old the earth could be and that truly there was a great flood and existence of some animals before now.


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