Read pp 128-129 and complete p 76 in Activity Manual

Jairus Davis
10/27/2010 13:44

Ms. James can you give me a layout sheet of the activity manuel

C James
10/27/2010 13:59

Jairus, are you asking for the questions?
define the following terms:
insectivores, nocturnal, carnivores, retractable claws, pride, blubbler

7. List 4 characteristics of mammals:
8. Two mammals that use echolocation to help navigate are:
9. Christians believe that the most important difference between humans and mammals is that:

then there is matching

hoofed animals marsupials

10. insulating substance rich in oil
11. only mammals that fly
12. claws that disappear into the paw when not needed
13. the babies grow bigger in the mother's pouch
14. only mammals that lay eggs
15. primary food is fish but will eat mollusks, crustaceans, and penguins
16. cloven-hoofed
17. large front teeth that never stop growing
18. divided into two groups, lemurs and monkeys

Calista ogburn
10/27/2010 18:36

hi ms. james first i couldn't get on now i can! i kept on typing the wrong address welll... hello!

C James
10/27/2010 18:42

Hello Calista, I pray you are well and that you were able to complete the homework alright.

Calista ogburn
10/27/2010 18:44

hi ms.james!

I am glad you are my teacher ms. james! how are you today? I am fine. welll... I love the way you are teaching! I also have a question. "do worms die in the winter time?" " How does snow form? " I hope you can answer these questions thank you!

Calista ogburn
10/27/2010 18:45

yes I have completed the home work i have also posted other comments on the different comment bar things.


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