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Corinna J. Franklin
10/16/2010 06:45

My brother needs the instructions for the cell project please respond !!!!!!!!!

Isaiah Ashton
10/16/2010 18:25

does the chart have to be on one thing like the nucleus or all of them

C James
10/16/2010 18:38

@ Isaiah, do all of the organelles, omit the integral protein!!!!

Joshua Layne
10/17/2010 13:32

May you please explain what we have to put on the power point.

C James
10/17/2010 13:40

@ Joshua,
on the power point you have to have each organelle, how it is important to the cell and what they do. To add sound you can choose to play music or have a narration of the organelle's function. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Here are the organelles
Cell wall (if plant cell)
• Ribosomes
• Cell membrane
• Mitochondria
• Nucleus (w/ nucleolus & chromosomes)
• Vacuoles
• Cytoplasm
• Lysosomes (if animal cell)
• Endoplasmic Reticulum
• Chloroplasts (if plant cell)
• Golgi Bodies

Joshua Layne
10/17/2010 14:48

Will I have to turn it in or will I have to present the power point?

Joshua Layne
10/17/2010 17:18

I was wondering if you could move me to the front of the class, I think i will be more concentrated if you do. :)


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